September 15, 2010

Bacon, Botanics, Butterflies, Birthdays & Burgers

Over the weekend, Tyler stayed behind in Lawrence to finish up the huge painting project he's been working on for the past three weekends. Sassy, Little A, and I headed west after the children's farm Friday, in order to spend some time with Graycop on his 57th birthday Saturday.

Well, turns out Graycop's only birthday wish was to have some peace & quiet, wash and wax the Jeep, and watch a little college football on his birthday. The nerve...

So, the girls and I tagged along with Tom, Lynzee, and the girls for a Saturday morning adventure!

First stop: The Donut Whole! Breakfast of champions, I realize, but sometimes you just have to go for it. The girls delighted in their donut selections: Homer J for Little A (pink w/ sprinkles) and Rice Krispie for Sassy. Mmm...

I reluctantly tried the revered maple bacon donut. Let's just say that I will stick to something more conventional next time.

Next stop: Botanica. It was a super nice day, and perfect weather for enjoying the flowers, plants, birds, and bugs! We spent lots of time in and out of shade and sun, the perfect combination.

It's been really fun to watch Little A explore and test her boundaries now that a stroller is becoming a thing of the past. She thinks she is in charge, and it shows...

I wish I could have caught all 4 girls looking on, but aren't they just adorable in their pretty dresses?

We stopped and fed the fish- koi and cat.

The girls really love this place!

This view reminded me of Alice in Wonderland or Munchkin Land or something. Gorgeous!

No summer trip to Botanica is complete without a visit inside the butterfly sanctuary. They are SO pretty to watch.

I was pretty amazed how close the monarchs allowed me to get...

This collage cracks me up... similar profiles. HA!

After the butterflies, we headed back towards the woodsy part of Botanica, which is arguably my favorite. Lovely!

LuLu made herself comfortable on one of the benches. Isn't she pretty?

Of course, Little A had to be a mimic. Silly girl.

Then, Sassy, LMB, Little A, and LuLu led us on...

Little A had to take a break to, er, stop and smell the flowers. What a silly billy. Look at her little scrunched up face!

We stopped at another favorite spot of mine- the giant weeping willow over the water. The scenery looks different every time I visit. It was extra green on Saturday, and just beautiful!

Little A and I managed to play some peek-a-boo on opposite sides of a bench.

Sassy even allowed me to take her picture, so long as we were in the shade. She seriously has the most sensitive eyes EVER!

After Botanica, we had some lunch and headed home for quiet time. I regretfully subjected myself to the ISU vs Iowa game only to watch my Cyclones get rolled. Darn Hawkeyes. Later in the afternoon, we spent some time with Graycop, and even went to Red Robin to celebrate. Our waiter did a phenomenal job singing to Graycop. We asked him to embarrass him the best he knew how, and it was the best birthday song I have heard them do in our many, many trips there.

All in all, it was quite the busy Saturday!

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Alyssa said...

Pretty, pretty pictures.

I can't believe you didn't like the maple bacon donut- yummy! Now I think I need to go there this weekend.

I was also picking up dark colored nail polish today, loving the dark weather, and I picked up some teal for Sissy. I know she'll love it (it's her fave color) and hadn't even thought about it really til I read your post! Thanks for the inspiration.