July 18, 2011

Too Hot for Tanganyika...

Saturday, we planned a PAT field trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

In July.

When our highs have been well over 100 degrees consistently.

Who does that?

Apparently, we do.

I kid, I kid.

We had a wonderful, albeit HOT, outing at the park. Our families were excited to see something new, and the kids were thrilled to have some close encounters with the animals.

Once we sorted out admissions, our family headed straight for the lemurs, considering we didn't quite make it there during our last visit. The girls LOVED the lemurs!

It's totally worth the $2 craisin to see their faces light up!

Apparently, Tyler made a buddy...

Lemurs are really fun animals to watch. They were just lounging on this rock. We learned that they are actually nocturnal animals, so they have to be woken up in the morning to come meet'n'greet. HA!

We made our way to the rabbit & tortoise stations, where the kids just had a blast! Little Miss C just took it all in... isn't she gorgeous?

The bunnies were soft & cute & cuddle & tolerant, just like always...

The tortoises were a bit excited for their lettuce, can't you tell? Tink took it all in stride, with the mountain of tortoises at her feet. E even tried to feed the tortoise the clothespin once the lettuce was gone. HA!

The newest feeding station is the rhino. We didn't participate this time, but we watched the feeding. You literally chuck a pellet into his {extremely repugnant} mouth. A mouth only a mother could love, for sure!

We hit the lorakeet lair just before we left. I think the birds were HOT. They didn't care as much about the interaction or the nectar this time. Still cool to see, though.

We headed to the park, let the girls slide down the ginormous slide a few times, and took refuge in our wonderfully air-conditioned vehicle. We didn't even stay to eat the picnic lunch we packed.

I know, I know.

It was SO H-O-T.

Maybe one of these days I'll get used to crazy Kansas summers.


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