August 31, 2008

A Nature-filled Day!

Sassy petting the badger fur... Little A
Our "forest" family photo
Mommy & Little A
Our family in the observatory

We had a really nice time yesterday- Ashley is down from Des Moines visiting, and we headed to Great Plains Nature Center. We spent most of the time inside at the museum because it was really warm outside, and I didn't want to have Little A in the heat too much. Sassy had a great time looking at all of the displays. We spent a little time in the observatory while I fed the baby. GPNC is such a great place- we forget about it a lot, but it is a free resource that we should really take advantage of more often. We did eventually make our way outside, and we took the shortest trail- just 1/2 mile. We headed home to Mulvane and watched a movie while Sassy took her nap- "The Heartbreak Kid"- it was actually really funny. Ben Stiller is a riot. We enjoyed a late dinner and headed to bed!

August 28, 2008

Wow... it's almost the weekend!

Time has been going so fast since we brought Little A home... a week ago today. Unbelievable! It's almost sad- she is already getting bigger and older looking and it just feels like it is all happening too fast.

Tyler returned to work this week for 1/2 days. I have had a lot of help, though. Monday and Wednesday, I spent most of the days with Lynzee. This allowed the girls to play and keep each other occupied. Sassy napped over at Lynzee's, so she helped lift her in and out of the pack'n'play. That has been the hardest part of my restrictions after the c-section... not being able to lift Sassy. She wants me to hold her and help her do things I normally help her with, and I just can't. Then, Tuesday and today, my friend Laura has been watching Sassy for me while Tyler works. This way, Little A and I can have some quiet time and Sassy can have some play time with Easton and Emerson, so that has been such a HUGE help!

Tyler has a 4-day weekend coming up, so today is his last day for the week. Our friend from college, Ashley, is coming down from Des Moines to visit over the weekend and meet the baby. We don't really have any big plans for Labor Day- just hanging out around the house, I suppose. I am a little homesick because I know the fam is having a Labor Day BBQ back home, and I wish we could be there to visit and share Little A with everyone. At least my mom comes down next week to meet her! So, fun times ahead...

August 26, 2008

Welcome to our blog!!!

I am going to try my very best to keep this blog updated so we can share stories, pictures, and experiences with our friends and family. Now that we are a family of four, I do not want our precious memories to get lost and forgotten, so I thought this would be a fun way to allow us to look back... enjoy!