September 29, 2008


Bastian & Nicole are in the heart of celebrating their annual festival, so I thought it was time to finally dress Sassy up in the adorable dirndl they sent her and take some pictures. She's pretty hard to get a decent picture of these days, but I tried my best. She looked so darn cute- all she needs is a beer stein and some wienerschnitzel! So, here's to my little German baby doll!

September 28, 2008


Thanks, Smithsonian. Yesterday, we did what any good set of parents would do- took our "too young to really give a crap" kids to a variety of museums on Smithsonian's Museum Day- for free! We had to go up to Wichita to drop my mom off at the airport in the late afternoon, so we figured we'd make a day out of it.

My first choice would have been Botanica, and then maybe Cowtown (never been), but it was almost 90 degrees, and we weren't feeling the outdoor activities. So...

We hit up the Wichita Art Museum first. It was a pretty cool building and I was delighted to see some glass work by Dale Chihuly as we entered. I watched a documentary on is work in my college fine arts class (yes, I am collegiately educated in art) and I have been fascinated ever since. The museum has a pretty cool deal- as you walk in, the overhead flooring is filled with pieces of his blown glass. Then... brace yourselves... as you go up to the second level, you can take your shows off and walk over the very same area. Also, they have one of his huge glass chandeliers- 680 pieces of glass. Beyond that, it was pretty much what I expected- I mean, what does a 2-year-old do in an art museum? Go ahead, Sassy, dance among the Goya's while mommy turns her back for a minute. Yeah, probably not. They did have a family art room that had some interactive displays and a center for make & take crafts. So, not completely a bust.

We drove by Exploration Place, but it was a zoo, so we defaulted to the Indian Center. The museum was a bit of a disappointment- it took about 15 minutes to view and read info about the artifacts. We did, however, walk the trail out to "Keeper of the Plains" where the big and little Arkansas rivers converge. It was really beautiful, and they did a great job with that project.

We headed to Old Chicago for lunch, and Sassy had about had it. This is where any smart mom would have dropped Nana off at the airport and drove home. But, no. I had to have made plans for us for the evening, too. So, we went to the airport, Babies'R'Us to kill time, Olive Garden to meet Tom & Lynzee (we were there for over 3 hours with a kid who had not napped... ouch), and the icing on the cake... All-Star Sports. It was a bit of over-kill, but we had a very nice family day.

September 26, 2008

Why Do I Even Try??

Craft time with a two-year-old: Why do I even attempt such feats? Why, you ask... because I am trying to enrich the mind and creative prowess of my baby girl, of course. So, today, we made apple note cards to send Little A's baby pictures out in. I saw an example of apple stamping in one of my many "I am way too young to subscribe to this magazine" magazines, and it looked really cute! So, I bought my supplies and we gave it a whirl today.

Well, I laid out our note cards and dabbled some crayola paints on a sandwich baggie to use as our "palette". Sassy and I, armed with paintbrushes, went to work. Well, our apple stamps look more like indiscernible blobs on paper, but she had fun. She was covered head-to-toe in paint, she tried to eat the paint at least three times, but at least she stuck the paintbrush up her nose only once (try cleaning that up)...

So, when some of you "luckies" get your awesome note card in the mail a) you will now know what it is you are looking at and b) better hang it on your fridge or something!

September 23, 2008

Is It Wrong???

I think I am going to be one of those pathetic moms who thinks it's beyond adorable to match the girls clothes. I find myself tending to do this a lot... I think it's cute. I don't think they have to be identical or anything, but coordinating is nice. Hell, I have even found myself color-coordinating Sassy's clothes to mine long before Little A was a thought! I always make sure Tyler and I coordinate with the girls, too, if I know there will be pictures taken. One of my very close friends (who shall remain nameless) finds this utterly nauseating. She almost lost it when she found out I ordered the girls matching coats for next fall. What can I say- I'll only be able to enjoy the power for so long, so more power to me! Here are some adorable pictures I took the other day, and YES, the girls are matching. So there!!!

September 20, 2008

In Search of a New Lullaby

Weird, how your mind goes in fifteen million directions once you have two kiddos. I swear, this immense sense of guilt has really come over me lately. I knew it would probably happen, once Little A came along. I felt guilty throughout my pregnancy for feeling so rotten and not spending enough quality time with Sassy. I racked my brain for was to make the "bis sister" transition easier on her. I prepared myself, as best I could, for the guilt I would experience over having two to adore instead of one. I did, really...

And, it is true. I know there is enough room in my heart for both of my girls. As soon as Little A was born, I loved her as much as I loved Sassy. There's no doubt about that.

Still, there has been a small sense of loss associated with this HUGE gain. We are no longer a family of three. I miss our family of three. I miss being able to shower ALL of my love and attention on Miss Sassy. I feel guilty that my attention has shifted and split in half. How do you show a two-year-old that your love remains the same when it is obvious that your physical actions are divided? Plus, I have guilt over feeling mournful... I think I will just live in a constant state of guilt until my kids turn 18... or move out... or get married... or, maybe it never ends.

Anyway, as I sit at night and feed Little A, there are times when I want to soothe her with a lullaby. I used to do this with Sassy a lot. Sassy loved being sung to, and when she was tired and fussy, I would sing to her. The one song that really soothed her was You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor. That became a regular in our nightly routine. Now, as I do the same for Little A, I find myself about to sing her the same song, and it just doesn't feel right. I can't bring myself to do it- I need a new song to sing.

That is my special lullaby for Sassy, and it needs to stay that way.

September 19, 2008

Such A Sweet Smell

Ah, babies. What is it about babies? They have such a sweet smell! Despite the sleep deprived nights and the hectic days, there is just something about babies that makes you believe that your world is a great place to be!

My Little A is just a month old, and she is so beautiful. There is nothing that makes me feel more content than to hold her on my chest and breathe her in- that sweet scent of baby shampoo and innocence all mixed into one. Her skin is so silky soft and I could just sit there all day and hold her.

The time goes so quick- soon you are asking yourself how they could possibly be so big already. Each little milestone is bittersweet- packing away those newborn clothes, tucking away a sweet little newborn diaper for the memory box, reminiscing when their little feet were as big as your thumb...

As hard as it is, at times, to be the mommy of a new baby, it is SO worth it. The days go by lightening fast, so enjoy each moment while you can! After all, it is such a sweet smell...



Congrats & good luck to Kristen & Rebecca! Check out the virtual baby shower HERE!

September 18, 2008

One Month!!

Little A is a month old today! I cannot believe how fast the first month has gone. I mean, really! We have been staying busy here in Kansas. Running errands, adjusting to our new family dynamic, trying to keep Sassy entertained on a daily basis... exhausting!

Little A is a pretty good sleeper, as long as someone is holding her! We have had some rough nights trying to get her to sleep on her own in the co-sleeper, but I just keep telling myself that they are only this little for so long, and to breathe her in while I still can.

Miranda had her twins last Friday, so they will be a week old tomorrow. They are still in the NICU, but progressing well. Yeah for Avary and Layla!

September 11, 2008


7 years ago today... crazy! It gives me the chills to think abut it, really.

Happy 55th birthday, Dad!!

September 8, 2008

Da Bears...

Sure was fun to watch the Bears beat Indy last night! Here are couple of pictures I thought you all may enjoy:

September 6, 2008

Little A's 2-week pictures

Here are a couple of my favs:

Ah, to be busy and sleep deprived...

Apparently now is not the time to count on starting a blog and actually, like, updating it on a regular basis! We have been quite busy and I just haven't had much computer time with a newborn and a 2-year-old... imagine that. Here is a little recap of our week...

Tuesday- the girls and I went to Sam's with Lynzee and stocked up on some necessities for when my mom is here. Yes, Sam's is a highlight of my day now. An event. Wow.

Wednesday- Sassy had her first session of Mom's Day Out (MDO, as it will be referred to from this point forward). She was very excited to go and couldn't wait to help pack her lunch. Ashley even bought her a new lunchbox, and we forgot to use it! We will next week, though. Lynzee, Little A, and I headed to the airport next to pick up my mom. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Sumo, my favorite hibachi restaurant. Yum. Then, we had Little A's 2-week pictures taken, which I will post later.

Thursday- Us girls hung around the house for the majority of the day. Sassy and Nana played puzzles countless times, and we pretty much just laid low. Tyler and I went grocery shopping and we went to bed. Fun times...

Friday- We went up to Wichita to the mall and had lunch at FUSA. Nana bought Sassy a little stuffed baby that fits inside a stuffed peanut shell, and now Sassy is obsessed with "peanut baby", as she affectionately calls him. Little A had her pediatrician appt. also. Se weighs 8 lbs and 2 oz. All systems are go and she is looking great!

Today, we went up to a fundraiser at Jabara airport. Sassy enjoyed seeing all of the airplanes. There was also a petting zoo, bounce houses, and a clown making balloon animals. I will also upload pictures of this later. We stopped by Hobby Lobby and I bought all the supplies for my sure to be lame attempt at making Sassy's Halloween costume.

September 1, 2008

2 Weeks...

My Little A is 2 weeks old today! Today was supposed to be my due date, and instead, I am looking with amazement and awe at my little bundle of sweetness. Little A is such a sweet, content baby. She is proving tobe pretty laid-back and very cuddly! She loves to lay on my chest, and would probably stay there forever if I allowed it! She has the prettiest blue eyes and the sweetest little lips that look like a little drawn bow- I could stare at her all day! These 2 weeks ave gone by so fast... it's bittersweet, really. I am trying to take in every moment, and it feels like time is flying so much faster this time around. Whatever the case, I will enjoy the time my sweet baby girl every chance I get!

Exploration Adventures

Sassy relishing in her big sister duties: Sassy surrounding herself in a giant bubble:
Little A:
Sassy splish-splashing at the water table:

Yesterday, Ashley and I took the girls up to Wichita and left Tyler behind to get a bit of work done around the house and then to enjoy some R & R. We hit up Exploration Place, which was great because we ave hardly been able to use our season pass throughout this pregnancy. We spent the majority of our time at the castle and the "tot spot". Sassy had a great time riding the horses, playing with the bubble maker, and splashing in the water. We had lunch in the Waterway cafe and then headed up to Newton to check out the Carter's sidewalk sale. Auntie Ashley spoiled the girls with some fall clothes, and Sassy picked out a new lunchbox for "playschool", which starts this Wednesday.

Once we got back to Mulvane, we hung out in the basement and watched "What Happens in Vegas" while Sassy napped. We took Ash to Applebee's for dinner (not our first choice, but we didn't want to go all the way back up to Wichita, so we settled for somewhere in Derby). Then, to Tyler's delight, Ashley agreed to play him in tennis and bowling on the Wii- I won't even go there anymore (he has mastered the nonreturnable serve)... then, Ashley and I had a little fun playing American Idol on the Wii. Man, I suck at singing! I am so glad Ashley was able to come visit this weekend- we had a nice time!