May 31, 2009

76 Trombones aka Weekend Recap...

We have been living in the midst of another incredibly busy weekend. A nearby town had their annual festival this weekend, and we had a nice time enjoying some of the events. Friday night, we went to the parade. It was Little A's first one. I was a little nervous about the loud noises, but she loved it! She is not a baby who is easily intimidated with a lot going on all at once. Thank God! Still, there are probably better things for tender ears than screaming fire engine sirens, but I digress...

It was a gorgeous night, and we grabbed our spots nice and early. I allowed Ty to have a turn with my camera (an increasingly rare occasion) and here are the results:

I know, I know... there are always a lot of pictures of me "cheek-kissing" one of my little ladies. What can I say- their chubby cheeks are just so irresistible, and I just love how you can breathe them in when you nuzzle up close like that. Mmmmm...

Sassy was super excited to lay out on her Spongebob blanket. I am a self-proclaimed Spongebob hater. I definitely find the cartoon inappropriate for young kids. So, of course, the Spongebob blanket from Auntie Kaitlin is Sassy's favorite. So, to compromise, it has become our resident "lay on the grass" blanket. As an afterthought, I don't know that we planned that well. So, now... instead of having it hidden in a corner of her bedroom, we take it to public functions and invite public scrutiny. That Spongebob blanket may just have to disappear. Maybe Sassy will agree to give it to the dogs...

Let me just wrap up the parade summary by saying... HELLO, LOOT!

Saturday was a fine day her at Sweet Pea Central. It was the dawning of a new era. A braid era. OK, maybe not the dawning, but I just can't help the fact that I am beyond excited that Sassy has enough hair to do this with:

After the hair excitement died down, we headed to the KidFest events at the festival. We had some trolley issues, but that is a whole other post. Once we actually got there, the girls had a blast. Of course, Sassy and LMB ran straight for the Make Your Own Edible Sand Art table, i.e. let's provide all the children with the equivalent of 27 pixie sticks and send them on their merry way... Sassy was thrilled:

Apparently, Tyler wasn't puring fast enough for her, so she had to nibble in the sugar from the table. Girlfriend and I are going to have to have a germ-focused heart-to-heart... like, yesterday:

We also had to make a stop at the petting zoo. Never have I been more thrilled to get so many shots of the back of Sassy's head!

The day was really hot, like 97 degrees or something, and Little A was more than happy to do this all day:

Sassy and LMB were able to sit in the police car and talk with the police officer. I told Sassy that this better be her first and last time in a police car!

I found it humorous to watch Lynzee squeeze into the little barrel car with LuLu. Of course, Sassy is trying to make the great escape. I swear, sometimes...

Since Blogger just decided to hate my guts and make the last 2/3's of my post disappear upon spell check, I will have to re-do that part tomorrow. Grr...

May 30, 2009

Just call her Sassarina...

Sassy has a new obsession. For days now, she insists on wearing a dress or skirt every morning. But, not just any dress or skirt. A dress or skirt with a tutu. Considering these requirements, she has approximately two articles of clothing that she is willing to wear every morning. Why? Because she is a ballerina. Obviously.

I've reasoned. I've bribed. We've battled. No, Sassy, you cannot wear the dirty clothes from yesterday. You must choose something else.

"But, I'm a ballerina," she pleads!

Guess I need to go out and buy some more tutu clothing...

May 27, 2009


So, I am totally down with the imaginary friend thing. Honest. I will play along. It's cool.

But, I draw the line at blaming the imaginary friend for your actions.

Sassy, I am sorry, but it is not Anna's fault that you cannot find your shoes. Anna didn't hide them.

And, no, Anna did not tell you to take the toy away from your sister. Sorry. Not buying it!

May 26, 2009

The S'mores Meltdown Saga...

These events are based on a true story. Certain names, dates, and places may have been changed in order to protect the identity of the parties involved.

Once upon a time, there lived a group of friends that liked to host sporadic family gatherings for fun. One such get-together was held in a quiet town in Kansas, Memorial Day, 2009.

The scene was set- hamburgers and hot dogs were grilling away, salads were married, chips were torn open. The sand box was occupied by a curious 20 month-old who thought it best to shovel handfuls (yes, handfuls) of sand into her mouth. A few children frolicked in the sprinkler; some more children ran in circles with a multi-colored parachute, giggling with glee.

The men-folk tended to the meat, the ladies sipped iced tea and sunned their legs (I said based on a true story... not all events need be 100% true...) The sun casted magnificent shadows as it lowered slowly down the horizon, and everyone sat and ate a fabulous meal in honor of our fabulous country and the fabulous men and women who have allowed it to be what it is today.

As time passed, the children grew anxious for the coming event. One of the families in attendance brought all of the ingredients to make S'mores on the grill! The fathers and children skewered their marshmallows and began toasting, as the women continued to shoot the breeze and soak up the sun.

Moments later, one guest in attendance (a particularly striking guest, truth be told) noticed that her daughter stood, back facing her, and screamed in horror as her Daddy enjoyed a bite of his scrumptious S'more while she only watched. Dumb-founded, the woman sprang to her feet and scolded her husband for enjoying a S'more prior to sharing with his three-year-old daughter.

The man yelled in protest, "But, she already has one in her hand!" At that moment, the little girl turned around, tears rolling down her cheek, only to reveal that she did, indeed have an oozing, dripping S'more in her chubby little grip. "She wanted two," the father exclaimed, exasperated.

At this point, nothing could be done. It was too late. No amount of kind words, explanations, back rubs, tear wipes, or hugs and kisses could calm the little girl. She was spent- tired, sun-kissed, and crushed; knowing that she was only allowed one S'more. What parent would do that to their child??

So, the family in attendance had to pack their things prematurely and depart, for no one enjoyed hearing this little girl shriek hysterics for what seemed like hours.

So is the story of a quiet town in Kansas, a Memorial Day BBQ, a grief-stricken little girl, and a single melty, drippy, ooey-gooey S'more that never made it to the point of consumption. It was a sad, sad day.

May 24, 2009

Jam-Packed, Part II

After rests, we set up a small kiddie pool and a little splash pad for Little A. It was the first time the girls were in bathing suits this summer. Sassy loved getting in and out of her pool. Little A was cold, but she enjoyed herself, too. Mostly, she enjoyed trying to get as much grass in her little fists as humanly possible! I'll tell you one thing... girl is persistent. Uh-oh. Oh, and is there anything cuter than chubby sun-kissed baby cheeks under a floppy sunhat? Didn't think so...

Thinking back, last Memorial Day weekend was the first time Sassy got into her bathing suit (or band-aid suit, as she likes to call it) also. I brought up those pictures from last year (they are some of the oldest that I have post-computer/external hard drive crash... tear). Look how much Sassy has grown in one year. And, her hair. Oh, my. She still had chubby little baby cheeks. Oh, my aching heart...

Last night, we also partook in one of my favorite summer activities... grilling, baby! Sirloin steaks, sauteed portabella mushrooms, corn on the cob, and pears. Yummo!

We woke up bright and early this morning in order to beat the crowds tot he zoo. The new Slawson Family Tiger Trek exhibit just opened Friday, and we went straight there. Forgive my dirty lens on picture #2:

Sassy and I also rode the tram for the first time. She loved it, and we actually learned some interesting tidbits about some of the animals. The most endangered animal at our zoo- the Amur Leopard. The most dangerous- the King Cobra. Our Bald Eagle was rescued from being hit by a car and has a glass eye. Who knew??

Sassy and Little A also fed the giraffes for the first time. I guess we have never happened upon that exhibit during feeding hours. It was pretty neat:

After our exciting morning at the zoo, we headed over to Sedgwick County Park for a picnic lunch and some playing. They built a really neat playground there last year, and this was our first time visiting. We had an awesome picnic of tuna salad, wheat thins, strawberries, grapes, and ice water:

Sassy was eager to pass out strawberries to each of us:

Then she danced around like a "pwincess" with Anna:

This is what Little A did while we ate and played at the park:

Now, I must go do the same...


That is what our weekend has been so far! I can't remember the last time we have done so much in just a few days... it makes me realize that I should be preparing for this to be our way of life, as it is every other year at this time...

Sassy is so pumped for summer. I know that summer doesn't officially begin until June, but she equates summer vacation to summer, and I must admit... I am in line with this stance! As far as I'm concerned, summer has begun!

A few weeks back, the town we live in had it's annual city-wide garage sale. Remember the cool bowl I found? Well, I also found another treasure. Let me give you a little back story...

Remember back when you were a kid? Was there ever any one toy that you wished more than anything you could have, but you just knew that it was never going to happen? For me, that toy was a Power Wheel. I wanted one so bad. I had several friends growing up that had them, and I thought they were the coolest.thing.ever. But, they were expensive back then, just as they are now, and no one could justify that expense.

The funny part is, years ago, Tyler and I were having a conversation. It turns out that the one toy for him was a Power Wheel, as well. We commiserated together.

Fast forward several years. Here we are, parents who adore their children and would do just about anything to get them what they want. Our neighbors in the cul-de-sac have three kids... and three Power Wheels. Sassy sometimes sits in the front window and watches them do circles around and around in their little cars. But, neither one of us can justify the expense.

So, here I find myself at this garage sale with a pink Barbie Jeep Power Wheel sitting on the driveway amidst a bunch of their goodies. I ran inside and asked how much the wanted for it, hoping that the two rolled-up twenties I had in my pocket might... somehow... cover it. I didn't get my hopes up at all, though. So, when the lady replied that they were just asking $5 for it, I almost passed out... but I stopped myself before someone else had the chance to speak and yelled, "I'LL TAKE IT!!!" "It doesn't run, though," she said. "We think it just needs a new battery". I figured I'd take my chances!

Tyler hopped on over to the neighbors with the matching Power Wheel and tested the Jeep with one of their batteries. It worked!! Sassy used a little bit of leftover birthday money to help us buy the $55 battery, and then we had to wait 18 long hours for its initial charge.

I was about as excited as she was for her to take her "maiden voyage". She loved it! It was so fun to watch her, especially when she kept stopping the car to talk on the little purple cell phone. Too funny! I hope she'll get many uses out of this one, and Little A, too!

Yesterday, we went to one of our favorite parks up in Wichita. It was a gorgeous day outside, and the girls had a lot of fun! Here are some of my favorite pictures:

To Be Continued...

May 23, 2009

Sleeping Under the Stars...

...Well, sort of.

Tyler came home from work last night and had a great surprise in store for Sassy. He decided that the time was right for their first daddy/daughter backyard camping adventure! Sassy was so, so excited.

After dinner, they started gathering the sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals... you name it. It looked like they were getting ready to backpack cross-country or something.

Sassy was very insistent that this remained a daddy/daughter event. She was completely preoccupied with reminding me that I was to sleep in my bed and Little A was to sleep in her crib. Only she and Daddy were to sleep outside in the tent.

Once Little A was fast asleep, Ty and Sassy took a trip to the grocery store for marshmallows and Hershey bars (we already had the graham crackers). When they returned, it was go-time...

They built a fire:

They gathered S'mores sticks:

They got bug-sprayed up:

They prepared their tent:

Then, they modeled it for me:

They diligently worked on roasting marshmallows:

Ty taught Sassy how to build a S'more:

Sassy became a very happy S'mores fan:

Sassy became extra ooey-gooey:

At this point, Mom was kicked out of the backyard and I can only imagine that their real camp out fun began. I peeked outside at around 10:30, and they were still chatting away inside the tent.

I fully expected them to return inside after a failed attempt at 3-year-old camping, but instead, I was awoken this morning by one very excited girl jumping on my bed and shrieking, "I camped in a tent, mom!" at 7:19 a.m.

Backyard camping adventure #1... a giant success!