January 29, 2010

Take Two...

This past September, Sassy began taking ballet at the Y, remember?

She enjoyed class, and met several friends along the way. I was never overly impressed by the structure of her class, or they enthusiasm their teacher had for teaching them.

But, we stuck with it.

That is, until this day.

We were notified at the last minute that Sassy had a performance at the breakfast with Santa. With an extreme lack of practice, the girls were expected to perform in front of a large crowd of people.

I said I would post the details, but never brought myself to do it. To make a long story short, we showed up and waited. They corralled the girls to one side of the gym and made them sit. Their teacher never came. They sat through performance after performance after performance.

Sassy was hysterical. It was disorganized and chaotic and scary for a little girl. She was so upset, even though I sat with her, and no one tried to comfort her. After an hour and a half of tears and sobbing and runny noses, I was told they would perform in another 45 minutes.

Who on earth makes 3-year-olds show up and sit still and wait for 2 and a half hours?? No one who has children, obviously.

I took Sassy and left the gym to speak to a manager. I explained my dissatisfaction with the organization of the event and questioned why her teacher, the one person she may have felt comfortable with, was not there. I was told that she was soon leaving and had mentally checked out of her job weeks ago. By the manager.

I was livid.

As I went back into the gym, her class was performing... 20 minutes before they were supposed to. In other words, this was the last straw for me.

I pulled her.

It was an interesting experience to go through. It was probably the first time since becoming a mom that I felt my child was wronged. I was so angry and hurt. I was hurt because she was hurt.

I didn't write about it sooner, because I didn't feel like anyone would understand what I felt like. On the surface, it doesn't really seem like that big of a deal. But to me, it was. Because her dance was so important to her. It's what she looked forward to every week. It was something that she had wanted to do for so long. It was something that we were paying a lot of money for. And to be told that the person I entrusted her to every week basically didn't give a crap about her responsibility... ooh, my blood boils still as I think of it.

There are just certain jobs that one should not possess if they do not have it in them to give 110%. In my opinion, dance instructor to 3 and 4 year-olds, to girls who are having their very first dance experiences... well, that should be one if them.

Deep breath, Heather...

Anyway, needless to say, Sassy spent the next 4 weeks hounding me about when she could go to dance class. I kept telling her that dance class was on a break for the holidays, and that Mommy was looking for a new dance class for her to begin.

Meanwhile, Mommy was looking for a new dance class for her to begin...

I called a dozen places, near and far, and kept getting the same response... they would be enrolling again in May.


I was so discouraged.

Then, by chance, I saw my friend Renee had enrolled her daughter at a place called Andover Dance Magic. I also knew that my friends Alyssa and Shaila had their daughters enrolled there, but I had figured that enrollment was closed until after the spring concert, just like everywhere else.

Well, Renee gave me a ton of great information, and I called bright and early the next morning and spoke with Tammy, the owner. She sounded wonderful, and I was thrilled to learn that they had ONE SPOT open!

Thank You God!

No more listening to Sassy beg and plead for the return of dance class!

This past Monday was Sassy's first class at her new studio.

This particular studio does not have as regimented a dress code, so Sassy was pretty excited about that. We bought some new pink leotards and warm-up sweatshirts and tutus. Sassy was in three-year-old heaven!

Of course, we had to take the first day of new dance class photos prior to leaving the house...


...and outside...

She even got to put her new dance bag to use:

It felt great to see this look on her face again:

Her first class went fabulous! Despite the 45 minute drive there, she enjoyed every minute of it. Miss Tammy is so patient and they are learning an actual routine! We can't wait for more!

Until then...

January 28, 2010

Doing My Part...

Doing what I can...

...to make...



January 27, 2010

Baby Delights…

(If your name is Kelli, and you are related to me… STOP READING THIS IMMEDIATELY…)pooh shower

Friends, I need your help. 

I am in the throws of planning a super fantastic baby shower for my dear cousin Kelli, who is expecting her first miracle baby late March/early April.

The big details are set.  The venue is booked.  The catering is in progress.  Invitations are sent (which I will, of course, share with you all once the shower in over.  We’re trying to keep as many details a surprise as possible…)

I digress.  I need your input.  What made your baby shower special?  What was the neatest thing about a favorite shower you attended?  Any special details that stood out in your mind?  A really fun game you played?  Over the top favors?  Must-have decorations?  Anything?  Anything at all?

So, here is the deal… I want to hear all about it.  Spare no details.  Spill it.

What’s that?  You need incentive?

Well, for the lucky one of you who comes up with my favorite suggestion to put to use… there will be a prize.

A surprise prize.

It’ll be good… I promise!

January 26, 2010

Surface Switch...

Lately, Sassy has really enjoyed spending time with Graycop and watching football together. They each make a cozy spot in the recliners in the basement, pop some popcorn, and take in the games...

So, this weekend, Sassy joined my Dad in the basement. He was catching the NHL game of the week that featured his favorite hockey team... the Flyers. Sassy climbed up into the recliner and watched for a few minutes.

Soon, she turned to my Dad and asked very seriously, "Graycop, where did all the grass go?"

We about died laughing. Silly Sassy!

January 25, 2010

Little Mommy...

Since I can remember, Sassy has adored her baby dolls. From her very first doll from Auntie Kelli- a little pillow-y baby that smelled like strawberries- to her newest baby- her American Girl twin doll, she just can't get enough of them.

She takes great care in getting them dressed, feeding them, putting them down for naps, covering them with blankets, taking them for walks in the stroller, etc, etc, etc.

It was fun to take a little walk down memory lane, er, at least as far as my digital memory can take me considering the fact that the first 23 months of Sassy's life are stored under my office desk on an external hard drive that won't turn on (anyone know how to fix this???)...

Sassy received her first "Special" baby for her 2nd birthday- a Corolle doll that she saw at Imagine That Toys and fell in love with. Mommy and Daddy bought it for her gift, as well as a baby care set that had all the little tolls and necessities to keep her in baby heaven for weeks...

The following summer, Sassy became obsessed with babies as we prepared her for Little A's arrival. She had a baby with her 24/7 and it was just the cutest thing:

I remember vividly taking the next picture. We were getting ready to leave for my OB appointment, and Sassy was playing with her baby as we waited for daddy to arrive home from work. My baby girl was just stunning this day, and I took many, many pictures of her that have become some of my absolute favorites of all time. Isn't she just beautiful?

Then, Little A was born. And, I captured this famous picture the day after we brought our sweet baby home. Daddy was giving her the sunshine she needed from the window for her jaundice, and Sassy proceeded to line up her babies to match:

When we'd play in the basement, Sassy would encircle herself with her babies, carefully giving each baby some attention before moving on to the next. Completely entertaining:

Nana paid us a visit in March, and Sassy had to feed her baby just like Nana fed Little A:

She even insisted on dressing up like a Mommy and wearing jewelry...

Even this summer when we visited a children's museum in Kansas City, Sassy headed straight for the doll hospital:

Over the past few months, Sassy has begun to play with her babies less and less. She is way more interested in playing dress-up or with her Build-A-Bears or her little princesses. A part of me became sad over this. She seems so grown up now, and I miss the days when she would prance around the house like a little Mommy all day long.

Little A is into babies, although not to the level that Sassy ever was. This Christmas, I decided it would be cute to get Little A a baby sling to carry her baby dolls in. And, the rule at our house is as follows. When you buy something for Little A, you are wise to buy one for Sassy, as well. Although rather unfortunate that we stoop to this level, it saves a lot of heartache in the end. So Little A received a baby sling for Christmas, and so did Sassy.

The other day, Sassy decided to play with her sling. I thought it certain that she would choose to use her American Girl twin doll, but instead, she chose to dig out her little Corolle doll from the basement archives. The same Corolle doll we so proudly gave her on her second birthday. She played with her so sweetly, stroking her hair, giving her kisses on the forehead. It was about the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

It's moments like these that make me thank God for his gift to us of sweet baby girls.

Beautiful baby girls.

Sweet, smart, silly baby girls.

January 24, 2010

It's About Time...

I finally tore into my new camera lens that I got for Christmas. Enjoy the inaugural shot:

January 22, 2010

She Keeps Me On My Toes...

She climbs:

She gives me the "...and, your point?" look...

She's a bit too convincing at "playing monkey"...

She has sass-itude, just like her big sister...

...oh, and did I mention she climbs?

January 21, 2010

The Cat's Pajamas...

The Cat's Pajamas:

  • Having your BFF sleep over.
  • Having Mom dig your new cat jammies out of the "too big" Rubbermaid tote early so that you can match...
  • Watching G-Force and eating popcorn in your sleeping bag.

Not The Cat's Pajamas:

  • Having your BFF leave the sleep over early because she missed her Mama... hey, it's happened to the best of us!

The Cat's Pajamas:

  • Having the day off of preschool.
  • Dressing up like princesses and rock stars!
  • Going to the mall, playing, eating lunch, and riding rides...

Not The Cat's Pajamas:

  • Waking up to this in your driveway...

Oh, and if you are as big a nerd as I am, check out the story behind the cat's pajamas expression. Hey, I'm just curious like that...

January 17, 2010


Sassy: Sometimes, when I get hurt, I cry.
Mommy: Yep. It’s okay to cry if you get hurt.
S: Okay. But, sometimes I have to ask you.
M: Ask me what?
S: When I get hurt...
M: I don’t understand, sweetie.
S: When I bump my head, sometimes I have to ask you.
M: Do you mean tell me? You have to tell me when you bump your head?
S: Yes. And then you can give me a hug and a kiss.
M: It always feels better when Mommy gives hugs and kisses, doesn’t it?
S: Yeah.
M: Or Daddy. Or Nana. Or Graycop.
S: Yeah. Not (Little A) though. She doesn’t know how to give good kisses yet.
M: She’s learning.
S: But Charlie and Bumper do. They have really very strong tongues, don’t they?
M: Yeah.
S: But, I don’t have a very strong tongue.
M: Well, sweetie, that’s because we are humans and they are dogs.
S: I’m NOT a human!
M: We are, sweetie. We are people, and sometimes people are called human beings.
S: I am NOT people. I am a PRINCESS!
M: Right on.

January 16, 2010

Weekend Hodgepodge...

Really, more like last-2-weeks-worth-of-posts-that-haven't-been-posted hodgepodge, but who's counting?

Let's see... we had a few days of wicked cold weather. Like, I might as well still be living in Chicago weather. Wind chills close to -20. COLD.

Sassy took the opportunity to get bundled up in her winter finest, and act all snow-bunny-esque.

I swear, when I see moments like this, I feel as though I should open up an orthodontia savings account now.

Still beautiful, though!

When I saw this picture, I couldn't decide whether to focus on the fact that she looks SO much like Little A here, or to dwell on how absolutely ridiculous that hat is!

Speaking of Little A, look who got some new piggy slippers...

Graycop actually bought both of the girls a pair, and the even squeal. Hooray! Not.

We have been getting a bit stir crazy around here. It's just that time of the year. We are all looking forward to some warmer weather. I see lots of trips to the zoo and the park in our future!

Sassy has still been playing dress-up like it's her job. Sometimes, I just can't get over the looks she puts together. For instance, she has a little mermaid dress. But, if she pulls the skirt up like so, it means she is a princess. She is only a mermaid when she has the skirt down covering her ruby slippers. Duh.

Little A has really been interested in Sassy's pretties and dress-up, too. We dug out Sassy's first dress-up costume, Tinkerbell, and Little A was in baby heaven. She kept saying Pity? Pity?...

Sassy cracks me up. She is so used to me taking pictures of her outside on her bench, and she has just been dying to get out there. One day, she practically begged me to go out with her so she could have pictures in her pretty dress:

Her eyes look as icy blue as the temperature! But, did you see her hair pretty? It's Alice in Wonderland. That's what she wanted to show off the most. She is obsessed with Alice. Over-the-top. Has been for months. Be prepared to hear a lot more about Alice in the coming months...

We had a Parents As Teachers playgroup last week- Grins & Squiggles. the theme we worked with was snow and cold weather. Sassy made a beautiful snowflake:

And, she got to do snowball painting, i.e. using a cotton ball to paint a picture:

Little A even got to try! She is getting to be such a big girl!

You know how I mentioned that mornings have been rough in the SPH since Sassy started preschool? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. Out of the three of us girls, only 2 of us have been having the difficulties. And, she is not one of them:

In fact, she is very full of joy in the morning. Early in the morning. Too early in the morning. I swear...

Did I mention Little A ♥'s her rocking chair???

Have a great weekend, friends!