March 31, 2011

So Small, yet SO Destructive...

No, I am NOT talking about my children. Not directly, anyway...

It was spring break, and I was cleaning like a mad-woman. In a small alternate-reality-dwelling, tucked-away corner of my mind, I equate spring with cleaning. Weird.

I was completing my umpteenth load of laundry when I noticed that there were markings on many of the items of clothing that came spilling out of the dryer. I saw it on one of Ty's shirts, then one of my own, then on a pair of Sassy's jeans...

My knee-jerk reaction was to get on the phone and start screeching at Tyler for leaving a pen or a chap stick in his pocket YET AGAIN. I stopped myself, however, after distinctly remembering rifling through each and every one of his pockets prior to throwing the clothes in the wash. By golly, I've learned my lesson the hard way once or fourteen times before.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Tyler is to be permanently classified as a third child under the realm of all things laundry, meaning no pocket must be left unchecked.

I'd covered my bases. I know I had.

I pulled each and every item of clothing out of the dryer slowly, examining every seam, every sleeve, every collar. I grew more and more disheartened.

A mixed load is what I call it. You know, when you don't have enough laundry for your neat little laundry organizational system categories, so you grab the last odds and ends and throw them all together... just to feel the satisfaction of having NO laundry left in the respective hampers, stewing away?

Yeah, this load contained a fair share from each of our 4 wardrobes, including several pairs of Tyler's work khakis, the girls best jeans, and a few of my favorite tops. Each piece more marred than the previous by this mysterious grey clay-like substance that was just baffling my mind...

...That is until I pulled out the last item from the dryer and found this...

...and it all became clear.

A crayon wrapper.

A freaking shriveled up, worn out, barely-recognizable wrapper from a broken piece of crayon. In my dryer. Having met it's end somewhere in this cavernous receptacle, spreading its molten wax in seemingly exponential proportions all over our beautiful clothing.

Even I couldn't think of a way to pin this one on Tyler.

I was pretty upset. I think it was in part the culmination of all the stress that spring break (i.e. no school) entailed, and I admit it... I called Tyler at work in tears, begging him to research home remedies for crayons-in-the-dryer because my spirit just couldn't take it.

Tyler returned home from work with an arsenal of supplies. First we tried a hot soak in a concoction of laundry detergent, Oxy-Clean, Borax, and Shout...

It soaked and soaked and soaked...

... and soaked and soaked and soaked some more...

To our dismay, the stains became only slightly less waxy, and still very grey-blue-black. That stupid crayon... of course it snuck by me before it hit the dryer. It thought it was slick, hiding out in our clothes. Making it's way into the washing machine. Surviving the cold cycle, nestled inside some unassuming sleeve or pant-leg, hitching a ride right into the dryer without leaving a hint of itself behind. Just waiting for its moment to ATTACK our sweet, sweet apparel the moment the dryer began to tumble...

So, after line-drying our remaining casualties, all we were left with was a bunch of still-stained, stiff clothing. JOY.

It was time for plan B. Oh, I hated to even think of it. But, it was plan B or the trash. Tyler took to our clothes with the WD-40. Sprayed each spot and scrubbed them with scalding hot water.

Guess what?

The stains began to vanish.

One by one, they were all but disappearing...

We worked on the important stuff and threw our hands up in the air at a few items not worth the effort. We were promised by the wise gods of internet research that the WD-40 stench would lessen with each vinegar rinse in the washing machine.

So far... not so much.

So, for now, we have mostly stain-free things, albeit stinky. Sorry if we smell like a mechanic's garage. It's the price we must pay.

Take home message: DO NOT have your daughter's laundry hamper butt-up against her desk, where she likes to color often. Broken pieces of crayon will likely roll into her hamper. {This is, to this day, or best theory as to what actually transpired...}

And, remember, you little crayolas...

I will WIN.

You will LOSE.

Are we clear?

Good, then.

March 30, 2011

Sassy's Mid-Week Funnies...

Sassy on Soccer: We learned to dribble today. You know what dribbling is, Mama? It's when you kick the ball in and out of the pine cones.

Pine cone:


Soccer Cone:


Sassy, returning from an ice cream trip with Daddy & Tink:

Guess what kind of ice cream I got, Mama? I got two kinds- peanut butter and HOPSCOTCH!

March 29, 2011

I Just Can't Hide It...

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...

{Please tell me I'm not the only one who cannot help from playing the Jessie Spano I'm-so-excited freak out session in my head every.single.time I think of this song...}

Anyway, back to my exciting news.

In 58 days, Tyler and I will say goodbye to the sweet peas and head east.

In 59 days, we will bid adieu to Kansas as we board a plane to Ft. Lauderdale and enjoy a relaxing day of fun in the sun.

In 60 days, we will board this beauty and embark on an exciting adventure with Tom & Lynzee inhabiting the balcony next door!

We'll visit here and enjoy the city-view trolley.

We'll stop off here and frolic with the stingrays and sea turtles.

Oh, and of course, we'll be stopping here to check out Blue Hole and Dunns River Falls.

Once we debark, we will spend two additional glorious nights in Ft. Lauderdale to unwind, visit the beach, and para sail.

How about that?

Anxious about the details? Yep. Nervous about leaving the girls for ten nights in more-than-capable hands? More than you could ever imagine. Excited beyond belief to finally have the chance to enjoy a "honeymoon"? Oh, yeah.

Bring it.

March 28, 2011

Spring Break... Out...


I survived spring break 2011.

I was a little nervous at the start, knowing it would be hour upon hour, day upon day of sweet pea central, primarily. Daddy had lots of overtime and side work this week, and I was slightly apprehensive that the whole no-school thing was going to push me over the edge, but I'll tell you what... was pretty blissful. I am head-over-heels super in love with the idea of summer right about now.

I think it helped that we had a very low-key week planned (or, should I say not planned)...

The week started of with gorgeous weather- near 80's! We spent the majority of that first weekend outside in summery clothes. It was divine!

My super smiley Tink-a-link...

My little sunshine girl- love her in yellow!

My sweet peas...

Can you believe they can pretty easily borrow from one another's closet? CRAZY! Shoes, too. I do think Sassy has had a small growth spurt recently, though... she is starting to pull ahead of the pack even further in height. Remember, these girlies are 27 months apart!

They are the sweetest, silliest sisters!

Mama spent Monday and Tuesday morning working. I got a haircut. The girls had their first sleepover by Nana and Graycop's Monday evening. Tyler and i worked on cleaning the girls rooms and the rest of the house... slowly but surely.

Tink celebrated a super important milestone this spring break... any guesses:

The weather became cooler, and spring reared its lovely head. Look at these beautiful backyard blooms!

I snapped a few pictures from the kitchen, swearing I'd go outside and take some "real" ones later in the day, but the rain and hail came, destroying many of the delicate blooms. So, we'll have to just appreciate them in all their glory through the window...

We had a laundry disaster. Look familiar, anyone? Details to come...

We hung out at home. Had some nice lunches. Played, played, played. Watched movies. Went shopping. Sassy had a dance workshop.

We had dance parties. Often.

For the most part, the girls were kind to each other.

We spent plenty of time at Nana's house playing and making sure she continues to recover well from surgery. Got together a time or two with Lynzee and the girls. Did lots and lots of cuddling. Especially as the weather turned dismal, cold, and snowy. Only in Kansas...

Tyler and the girls transferred tomato plants:

Tyler took the girls for a play date with Dustin, Luke & Tyler. The Daddy's watched KU lose and the kids had a blast. Sarah & I discussed this book with some friends at the returning-from-hiatus mommy group book club.

All in all, it was a busy-enough, calm-enough week. Get me? Here's to a fabulous next 8 weeks until SUMMER VACATION!!!

March 26, 2011

and the winner is...

The winner of the Spring Has Sprung giveaway, chosen by


Congrats! I will get the clips to you ASAP!

March 25, 2011

Mouse Cookies & More...

Last Saturday, Tyler's first off since nearly the beginning of the year, we joined some friends at Crown Uptown for their production of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. But, not before a quick stop at our very favorite breakfast joint to enjoy a delicious treat!

The girls enjoyed a variety of donut that had lavender essence and fairy dust on top! It had such a cute name {fairy something}, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember it...

After we enjoyed a donut, we took to the stage for a reading of the book before we headed over to the Crown. The girls were SO excited!

It was nice to get out, enjoy some time with friends, and most importantly, enjoy some time with Daddy!

Today is the last day to enter our mini spring giveaway! I will draw a winner tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM CST. ♥

March 24, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

Conversation from the breakfast table...

Sassy: I'm dooooone...
Me: So, now what must we do?
Sassy: Clear our spots at the table.
Me: AND?
Sassy: Wash our hands.
Sassy: Soap.

The old adage is true. I am my mother. The end.

March 23, 2011

St. Patty's Day: The Best of the Rest

I know you all had the chance at a taste of the cuteness that was our St. Patrick's Day, but there was plenty more where that came from! Enjoy a sampling of 17 of my other favorites... fitting, don't you agree??

What's that? You've seen that last one before?


Well, I couldn't very well share sixteen super cute St. Patrick's Day photos without adding in that extra one for good luck!

Tink's Shirt: Joy's Hope
Sassy's dress: Walmart w/ added Shamrock embellishment thanks to TYLER and his awesome sewing machine skills!
Sassy's Nail Polish:
OPI Who the Shrek Are You?
Hair pretties: Gymboree

March 22, 2011

From Artist to Gymnast to Cheerer-Upper...

After Sassy and I created our art nouveau {or not, but it sounds cool if we call it that}, we hopped on over to LMB's 6th birthday party at Wichita Gymnastics!

It was a SpongeBob kind of day...

The girls sported their leotards, swung, jumped, hung like monkeys...

...escaped the camera frame...

...balanced, flipped, sat and looked cute...

Aww... cute baby face! LMB & LuLu's baby cousin, Miss K:

I know it's because I'm her Mama, but I CANNOT get enough of her profile. EVER.

The kiddos had some fun on the zip line, too. Made me a bit dizzy watching it all unfold...

LuLu spent more of her time hanging upside down than right side up, but I did catch her upright for a split second...

Tink spent some time, er, adjusting. HA! {For which she will kill me later in life, part II}

We sang Happy, Happy Birthday LMB!

...And, we celebrated her sixness...

The kids enjoyed their cupcakes and Tink managed to be the only little one to lose her balloon to the ceiling-monster...

I caught this darling moment between Papaw and Miss E...

And, last but not least, LMB enjoyed opening and sharing in collective ooohs and ahhhs over her gifts...

After the par-tay, Sassy and I jetted over to the hospital to visit Nana and show her all the wonderful goodie bag surprises Sassy acquired...

{via cell}

What a long, fun day! Happy birthday, LMB! Hope six is the bees knees!

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