November 15, 2011

The Dog Days of Disney: Day 5

Saturday, we devoted the first half of our day to Hollywood Studios. We arrived before rope drop, which was our goal all along. It was hectic and crowded, but we were able to scurry back to grab our FastPass to Toy Story Mania and still hit the other big rides before the lines got long.

Didn't Sassy and Tink look adorable in their Dulu Designs shirts? Two days in a row, and oh-so-CUTE!

We headed straight to Rock'N'Roller Coaster. I rode first, and Tyler was able to use his Rider Swap Pass to ride immediately after.

The ride: holy hell. It was AWESOME! Shocking. Fast. Smooth. Dark. Loud. Blasting Aerosmith tunes. Umm... can I say perfect?

The girls seriously had a ball dancing outside to the Aerosmith music that was blasting for all to hear. They went to town!

For real...

Sassy just had to show off her new, grown-up dangle-y Mickey Mouse earrings she bought as one of her {many} purchases throughout our trip.

It makes me smile that the girls can have fun no matter the circumstance. I was so, so super impressed with the way they handles lines throughout the trip. The had the mindset that they were on vacation, and vacation is FUN! Disney does a fantastic job of aiding in this by providing visual stimulation, interactive displays, and even employees placed to entertain children throughout lines. Thank you Disney!

Next, Tyler took Sassy on Tower of Terror while I hung out with Tink. When they were through, Sassy looked as white as a sheet and very leery, but she agreed to go on it again with me, so it couldn't have been too bad. Very fun ride, as well! Sassy did cling on to me with a super-death-grip the entire ride, but we loved it!

We checked out some of the scenery...

...and caught a showing of Disney Junior- Live on Stage, which the girls loved! Tyler and I could barely stand up afterwards, but hey...

We watched Voyage of The Little Mermaid, The Great Movie Ride, and caught Beauty and the Beast- Live on Stage, which was fantastic! A must-see, in my opinion!

We grabbed lunch at FairFax Fare, where we enjoyed some surprisingly tasty chicken and ribs. We checked out some of Hollywood Studios centerpieces...

I love how each Disney park has a central showpiece to enjoy!

Then, we headed back towards Toy Story Mania. Besides being arguably the longest wait in all of Disney, I didn't know much about this ride. Even with FastPass, we had to stand in line for a while, but oh my goodness, how fun! The entire ride is one giant video game, and we had a BLAST. I really wish we could have ridden it again!

There was a lot we didn't get to do or see at Hollywood Studios. We probably would have stayed longer, but Sassy was not feeling well, so we decided that some rest was in order...

Later that evening, we had dinner reservations at Biergarten. The girls brought along their dirndls to wear for the occasion. They looked super adorable!

Dinner was fun, and the girls got up and danced on the stage for all to see. Everyone seriously got a kick out of their dresses, and several employees asked if they could have their picture taken on their camera with the girls. ♥

After dinner, we continued to tour the remaining pavilions.

Germany. Italy.

...and, of course the UK!

The girls really enjoyed the World Showcase Pavilions, and they enjoyed decorating their Duffy bears at the KidCot Fun Stops. Even is Tink did get PERMANENT MARKER all over her dirndl straight from Germany. Tear.

It was a long, wearing day and we were all ready for some serious R & R. Day 5, out...

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