October 18, 2011

Random Musings and Some Catch-Up...

My brain functions best when things are in order.

My life right now... not so much in order.

I have about a million bajillion things that I want to blog about, and I am SO behind.

But, I heave to start somewhere, right?

And, for me, the natural place to start is where I left off.

Sort of.

I want to get our Disney World trip up here in the most desperate of ways.

My my silly, Type A brain is not letting me push through without back-tracking just a little bit.

So, get ready for a bunch of random thoughts and pics circa the beginning of August and covering our SPH life through September 19th. Mmmmmkay?

Wow, looking back, I thought there were all sorts of pre-Disney events and photos to share, but really, there are not. We've been so busy and so stretched thin since Tyler's been gone, I haven't pulled out the camera nearly as much. Which makes me super sad. I digress...

Bears Opener & Graycop's Birthday...

We celebrated Graycop's 58th birthday in style- with a BEARS WIN! Woot! My friend Erin made the adorable cookies for the occasion!

Tink's 1st Homework Assignment...

Tink brought home her very first homework assignment- sorting skittles by color. We'd done this activity before with fruit loops, but the way she was concentrating at it, you'd never know it!

It was so fun to watch her work hard at something and then be extremely proud of what she had accomplished. I ♥ my girl!

Look at those skills!

OK, onward march towards DISNEY PICS!!!

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