November 5, 2011

The Dog Days of Disney: Day 2

While we were eager to start our second day at Disney, I would remiss if I didn't mention that it truly took us a couple of days to recover from crazy un-schedule and get our groove on. Things were a bit slow going Wednesday morning.

Tyler and Sassy took a walk to the food court at our resort to retrieve fruit and muffins while Tink and I attempted {feebly} to get going. We headed off to Animal Kingdom for the morning.

I think I went into our Animal Kingdom visit a bit jaded. Most of our experienced Disney World friends like this park the least. I even decided to leave behind my big fancy camera lens and travel light. Once we arrived, i was super disappointed that I had. What a gorgeous place! Out of all the Disney parks that we visited, i think Animal Kingdom has some of the prettiest backdrop and scenery for photography. I'll know better next time!

I found the Tree of Life to be spectacular. What an amazing sight to see!

We sent Tyler off on a FastPass gathering mission while the girls and I took in some of the animals. It was sort of funny because one tour guide was talking to the girls about how awesome it was to have the chance to see one of the rarest zoo animals ever, the lemur. She just went on and on, and Sassy was like, "Uh, yeah, I pet one before and it sat on my lap!" Well, then...

Once Tyler met back up with us, we decided to take in the show entitled It's Tough to Be A Bug. BAD IDEA! Tink was terrified. The show is 3D and has several physical and odoriferous effects. Tink wanted nothing to do with it, even without the 3D glasses. Thankfully, mommy and Tink sat close to an exit, and we hightailed it out of there in no time flat. She was hysterical, sobbing, clinging to my neck like a spider monkey. Epic fail. Sassy and Ty enjoyed it, though, and by the time they were finished, Tink was breathing somewhat normally again. Poor girl.

We made our way over to Kilimanjaro Safaris, and the girls were pretty excited to see the animals. We saw a lot of neat things on our trek...

I was pretty excited, too. What a neat looking creature this little guy is, wouldn't you agree?

We saw a lot of butts and bottoms...

It was a little bumpy, rocky, and fast to get a clear shot all the time...

...but, it was fun!

After our ride, we got a closer look at a different angle of the tree of life. So cool!

We ventured over to Asia and took in the sights of the Grand Himalayas!

Tyler and I took turns taking Sassy on Dinosaur, and then each of us rode Expedition Everest while the girls waited patiently. We even fit a little snack in! Expedition Everest was really cool- I was like what the... when we got to the point of the twisted, broken tracks. They give you just enough time to look around and think to yourself, "Where the hell am I going," and then, well... I believe it's the first backwards roller coaster I've ever ridden.

Animal Kingdom, while lacking the number of attractions that some of the other parks had, was really nice. We fully intended on spending another half day there, at least, and I was really looking forward to checking out a few of the trails and taking some nice pictures, but we never did make it back. Next time!

We headed straight from Animal Kingdom to Animal Kingdom Lodge for our lunch at Sanaa. It wasn't my favorite meal, but it was decorated beautifully and the lookout scenery from the restaurant was unreal- there were just wild African animals everywhere! I just don't think that the food was my thing, but the bread sampler was really great!

After lunch, we headed back to our room and took a much needed NAP! All four of us slept for a few hours- it was fantastic!

The forecast looked glum, but we decided to head out to Magic Kingdom for the evening, anyway. The girls were set on wearing their princess nightgowns, and really, who were we to say no? So, princesses they were!

Even though their mood matched the weather, especially Tink, it was still magical for them to see the castle for the first time.

And, Sassy decided to choose her Mickey ears. We told the girls we would buy them each a pair of their choice, separate from their piggy bank money and money from Nana & Graycop. Sassy chose princess ears with a veil.

As it grew dark, we had the chance to take the girls on a few famous rides- Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and Mad Tea Party...

I did not partake in any of the three because I do not do rides that travel in circles. Ever. Nevertheless, Tyler and the girls had a ball!

We grabbed a late dinner at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe and enjoyed the rest of the magical scenery on our second night in Disney!

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Anonymous said...

Well, what is the significance to calling this series the "dog days"? Was it hot?

I am considering a Disney vacation with my kids for next Summer, so I am reading. I have ordered the planning DVD and, you know, talked to the professional (Cammie), but I have just not ironed out exactly which location we will be going to yet...

Alyssa said...

Keep posting! I am absorbing all of your Disney info! :) We are very on the fence about Animal Kingdom. We have a 5 day pass and then 4 days off to see the beach and Universal and stuff. I have Animal K planned for our last day so I think we are going to feel it out and decide in the moment if we really want to go back somewhere or go to AK. I can't believe those are your "bad" pictures, without your camera. THose are beautiful!

Kendra said...

"I do not travel in circles" hahahaha! I hear ya sista!!!!