April 20, 2011

Pink, it's like red but not quite...

You could be my flamingo.
It's a new kinda lingo.

Pink has hit our household... again. And by that, I mean NOT in a good way.


Yesterday, I returned home from day one of instructor's CPR re-certification to find one adorable little girl with very pink, inflamed eyes.

Darn. Got her started on antibiotic eye drops right away (thanks in part to awesome peds. nurses who can appreciate the fact that it was 5 minutes before closing time, we are trying to get the heck out of dodge this weekend, and believe I am capable enough to know what pink eye looks like and have the wherewithal to bring them straight in if there are any other alarming s/s of a more serious infection!)

Tink was a champ with the eye drops! I ended calling both girls out of MDO for today before it was too late last night...

Good thing I did, because...

...guess who had some pink, inflamed eyes this morning?

Not too bad yet, but might as well treat them early. Poor girls. And so close to Easter and our weekend trip to Minnesota.

At least they will have both been on the antibiotic for several days and should not be contagious at all anymore. Just pray for us that everything improves as it should!

And, it's never a bad thing to be able to rock out to my hubby's Steven Tyler's tune all day in my head, right?

♪ ...and I think everything is going to be all right no matter what we do tonight... ♪

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Rachel said...

Oh, no! It must be making its way around :( Hopefully those eyes drops will zap it in to time.