September 6, 2011

Polar Bears and Aardvarks.

One of the things that we did to ease the transition when Tyler left was buy the girls new stuffed animals.

I know, I know.

We have enough stuffed animals in the house for seventeen children. No joke.

But, in the days before Tyler headed to North Carolina, he took the girls shopping for a new guy. Each of the girls chose a Webkinz. Sassy found a polar bear and Tink found an aardvark. Each came with its own little carrying suitcase, and the girls were in love. Daddy bought the girls their animals. The girls also bought Daddy a guy to take on his trip and remind him of the girls. Sassy chose a polar bear for Daddy to match hers.

It's been a pretty awesome concept, really. Each night, the girls find their guys to sleep with. They give their guy hugs as if they were giving them right to Ty. Sometimes, one of the girls will want to bring their guy with us somewhere... on errands or to lunch or a party. I always let them.

Tyler also sporadically sends us pictures over the phone of his polar bear in neat places that the girls would like to see. The get the hugest kick out of seeing pictures of Daddy's polar bear. In fact... Daddy, if you are reading this, it's been a while since you've sent us one of those... ahem.

Here are a couple of pictures Ty sent us right when he arrived in North Carolina:

It cracked me up that the girls wanted to recreate his "on the shoulder" idea...

Tink giving kisses to Daddy Mr. Aardvark...

Only TWO MORE WEEKS until we will be flying to Orlando to see Daddy in the flesh! Oh, and those silly princesses, too. Hooray!

2 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

That is SUCH a sweet idea! Heather your creative parenting never ceases to amaze me!

rduxler said...

Sooooooo cute! And super excited for your trip!!!