August 29, 2011

My Sweet Birthday Girl...

How unfortunate that this SPH Mama is just getting around to sharing the details of my sweet little three-year-old's birthday day.

Miss Tink-a-roo turned three on August 18th. But, that's a different post all together.

Tink's birthday looked a little different this year. For one, school had begun earlier in the week, and both little rascals had to attend. And, of course, one super important SPH Daddy was MIA. But, we made the best of it...

Tink was very excited to be the first kid in class to bring birthday treats to share. Not a hard accomplishment to attain when your birthday is on the third day of school. HA!

In our ever-reaching attempt to try to walk the healthy (er) walk, we went with homemade trail mix this year. Tink helped me shop for all the ingredients- mini pretzels, goldfish, graham bunnies, yogurt covered raisins, and mini marshmallows; and then helped me shake it all up. Room for improvement? Yes. An alternative to cupcakes with 4 inches of frosting? You bet!

After breakfast, it was time for a very brief #rd birthday photo shoot out front. Tink picked out her own pwincess dwess to wear. I ♥ this girl!!

Tink finished preschool just after 11:00, so I thought it would be neat to spend some "alone" time while Sassy was still at school. Nana & Graycop joined us, along with Lynzee and LuLu, at McDonald's to play and have a quick lunch. We also shopped at Target and then headed home for a quick rest.

My parents picked Sassy up from school and headed to the house so that Tink could open her gifts. She is currently obsessed with baby dolls, and wouldn't you figure that this little mini Circo brand doll set was her favorite? She got the doll, high chair, crib, potty, and 2 outfits... probably all under $30, and the girl was in heaven! She got some other really nice goodies, too!

I told Tink that we could go anywhere she wanted for her birthday dinner. She chose P.F. Chang's. Weird. She's probably been there twice in her life. Anyway, so it was. P.F. Chang's. Delish.

The girls had so much fin getting dressed up for a "nicer" dinner and we really had a nice time!

Three years and onward...

2 sweet tweets:

Sherry said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tink! LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE those Tom shoes. Was thinking of getting some for myself actually, just couldn't bring myself to spend the dough. Those treats for the school kids were a great idea, and yes, definitely much healthier than the ol' cupcake tradition. :)

Kendra said...

She looks SO big!! I seriously can hardly believe it.

And yes, WAY healthier than cupcakes with a mile of frosting. When I was a preschool teacher I used to dread birthdays, because I COULD NOT turn down the frosting!!!!