July 29, 2009

Little Siblings...

So, the four of us were playing in the front room this evening, and I made some remark about having another baby. Tyler, as usual, balked at the idea. So, I turned to Sassy and this is how our conversation went.

Me: Sassy, would you like a little brother or sister?
Sassy: No!
Me: Aww, why not? Wouldn't it be fun to have a little brother?
Sassy: I dunno.
Me: Would you rather have a little brother or a little sister?
Sassy: ...A brudder.
Me: You would?!? That would be fun, wouldn't it?
Sassy: Yeah, and I could play wif him...

The conversation continued for a moment or two, and Tyler and I smiled at the fact that we had convinced Sassy, although very hesitant at first, that she would enjoy a new sibling.

Moments later, I was leaving the room, and Sassy turns to Ty and asks...

...If I get a new brudder, where will Little A go?

HA! We just convinced her to give her sister away, or so she thought. And she was totally in agreement.

3 sweet tweets:

miranda said...

LOL thats one for the baby book.

Shannon said...

Hilarious!! That is just too cute, I LOL.

Kendra said...

HA!!!! That's a story that will be brought up for YEARS to come!