July 2, 2009

Pinky Banks and Ballerina Flaps

Oh, Sassy, Sassy, Sassy...

You are just a constant stream of entertainment. Wonderful, pure, free entertainment...

The Sweet Pea household has been in high gear this week, preparing for our road trip to Chicago. I have been on a list-making frenzy, you know, wasting time without having to do any of the actual packing. We have been working at crossing some things off of our great big to-do list before we leave. Does anyone else ♥ coming home from vacation to a sparkling clean house? I do. So, who's available to come over and make this dream a reality while we're gone?? Any takers? No??

Didn't think so...

Anyway, Sassy and Ty decided that it was time to combine the coins from Sassy's "pinky bank" collection, and take the "monies" to the bank so that she could have her own spending money for Chicago... they have a Disney Store, you know?

First, they combined coins from about 6 pinky banks into one:

Sassy liked the pennies best. We're going to have to have a talk about that one:

Then, it was off to the bank:

My initial thought was that Tyler and I would match her funds. After seeing that she had $50.97 in monies, the road diverged on opinions about that. We are still in negotiation.

Don't worry, Ms. Pinky Bank... you will be fed again, soon!

Sassy has a new obsession...

Her ballerina flaps. She just can't leave home without them.

While cute and sparkly are great adjectives to describe them, practical is not.

They hardly stay on her little feet, and the rub in all the wrong places. But, they are her favorites. She ♥'s her ballerina flaps.

Mommy: Can you please put your green & blue mary janes on so that we can leave?
Sassy: But, I want to wear my ballerina flaps!!
Mommy: Sweetie, we are going to be doing a lot of walking, and your mary janes will be more comfy!
Sassy: But, my ballerina flaps are pwetty and they match.
Mommy: Yes, but your mary janes match, too. Your ballet flats don't stay on very well.
Sassy: Please?
Mommy: I just think another pair would make more sense, sweetie.
Sassy: PLEASE!
Mommy: [Internal dialog- Pick your battles, Heather. Pick your battles.]
Sassy: See, they are so sparkly and I am a pwincess!
Mommy: Yes, you sure are!

The result...

Ballerina Flaps, it is!

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Kendra said...

50 bucks!?!? Dang! That's a lot of "spare" change! I'd say a Chicago dinner on Sassy for sure =)

And yes, I too LOVE coming home to a clean house after vacation. In fact, I insist upon it. My husband laughs so much at me because I even clean before we go camping. "Kendra, we are just going to unload piles of dirty, dusty, camp-fire-smelling crap in the house when we get back!!".

I don't care. I want to unload that crap onto a clean floor!!