June 6, 2009

Baseball, Birthdays, & Bright, Sunny Mornings!

We kicked off our weekend in style with a birthday party at the Wingnuts game last night! It was Bubby's 3rd birthday, and his party was all things baseball- they had adorable sugar cookies decorated like baseball's & mitts, and handed out little baseball favor bags and a baseball cap embroidered with each kids initial- red for the girls and blue for the boys! And, of course, there was the baseball game!

Sassy was SO excited to wear her baseball cap. When we talked about the party before we left the house, I don't think she quite understood. Just last week, she watched LMB play BlastBall, so I think that she was convinced she would be playing baseball, not watching it!

I tired and tried to get a decent picture of Sassy, the birthday boy, and her friend, L. This was the best I got. If I had any idea that the shadows were to be so strong, I may not have spent so much time trying!

Little A was pretty pumped to wear her new baseball hat!

The best part was seeing all the kiddos excited. Here is Bubs... doesn't he just look ready and raring to go?

And, birthday boy's little brother, Boo... he was climbing up and down the bleachers and just looking for some mischief! Aren't his eyes striking?

This one cracked me up... Sassy's friend, L. This picture represents most of how the game went. Game... what game? Bring on the snacks! She was insistent that no cheese be included in her nachos!

It was a really long game! We left in the bottom of the 4th inning, and it was almost 10:00 by the time we arrived home. The girls were wiped.out! Little A slept until 10:00 this morning!! We had a ton of fun, though. Thanks, Mandy & Brian! Happy Birthday, Bubby!

It is such a gorgeous day today! It's a little windy, but already well into the 80's and supposed to reach 91 degrees this afternoon. I hear the pool calling my name! We played outside for a bit earlier...

Can you even believe how long Sassy's hair is? I cannot!

Little A thought that eating the flowers sounded much more appealing than smelling them!

I ♥ madras plaid!

Little A looked so cute in this little outfit that used to be Sassy's, even though it barely fits. She is getting to be such a big girl!

Sisterly Love:

Little A was beyond grinning ear-to-ear. Guess who was standing right behind me? That's right... Daddy!

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Lisa said...

Wish we could of been at the game. Looks like everyone had fun!

Kendra said...

Cutie-patuties!! Love the baseball cap =)