June 3, 2009


As Little A grows and learns new skills each day, I have really begun to notice the relationship between her and Sassy evolving. Sassy has been such a wonderful big sister. From the beginning, she's never showed any sort of jealousy or mean-spirit towards Little A. We had a little bit of acting out on Sassy's part in response to the transition, but never directed at her sister. Not once.

Now that little A is starting to get mobile and have a greater interest in toys, it has been so fun to watch the two of them interact. Little A pretty much worships the ground Sassy walks on. Already. Her eyes track Sassy's every move, she tried to physically follow her around all day, and everything that Sassy does or says or sings is funny. Hysterically funny. It just lights me up to hear her crack up at her big sister. No one can make her laugh quite like Sassy can.

Sassy is beginning to realize, however, that she has to share her things more and more. We make it a point to let each girl have some of their own things that are for their hands only. But, the vast majority of the toys are fair game. Of course, Sassy has an easy time "convincing" Little A to trade with her if she happens to have something that Sassy wants. For now. Little A is beginning to really assert herself with Sassy. If Sassy is up in her personal space, she says so! Sometimes, if Sassy takes a toy from her, Little A will scream and cry. I've found myself reminding Sassy to wait her turn or telling her to give a toy back to her sister. Wow. The time has come.

I grew up as an only child. I've never had the joy (or annoyance) of having a sibling. It's very interesting to me to see how their bond is unfolding over time. I want to do my best to encourage them to have a healthy, loving relationship. I want them to grow up knowing they always have their sister to turn to. That someone will always have their back in this great big world. I want them to always know that, no matter what, they will always have a best friend.

I truly hope I can be successful at laying out and nurturing this type of relationship between them. After all, what's better than a sister?

4 sweet tweets:

Whitney said...

They will have the best relationship! I fight with my sister all the time, but in the end I'm the only one who is allowed to fight with her and she means more to me than anything! There is nothing better!

Ashley said...

I am so happy to hear that the girls get along so well...I like you never had a sister growing up but always cherished those friendships with people that made me long for a sister. You will do a great job nurturing their relationship!

the barnes family said...

My sister and I fought constantly when we were growing up, but we have a great relationship now! It looks like your girls are already off to a better start than me and my sister! That can only mean good things.

Mae said...

This totally reminds me of my nieces. It was so interesting to see them together... both the sweetness & Emma's new experience with the concept of "sharing." :) You're an awesome mama & I'm sure they'll have a wonderfully complicated, sisterly relationship. :)