June 22, 2009

Monday Ramblings...

Don't you just love those Mondays where you are thrown, head-first, into your week?? Yeah, me too.


So, yesterday was Father's Day. Tyler spent his Father's Day morning by waking up with Little A at 5:30 am because Mom didn't hear her. Oops. Luckily, they both fell back asleep, or someone would have never heard the end of it.

We took a drive up to Wichita. We packed all of our gear for the park and the fountains, but we never made it that far. It was hot. Like, HOT hot. We went to HuHot for lunch (dads ate free) and then to Bradley Fair. I needed to exchange a pair of shorts at Gymboree for another size. I ordered Sassy a 3T since she is 3. When they arrived, they were insanely huge, so we went back and downsized, all the way down to 18-24 months. I know that sounds ridiculous, but, get this: they were falling off her waist. Hello!!! So, we ended up going back and up-sizing to a 2T, since those had the adjustable waist elastic, and I was able to cinch them tight enough. Man, I wish I had problems keeping my pants from falling off! What a skinny minnie! After Gymboree, we visited the fountain and made some wishes.

Next, we stopped at the mall. We bought some water shoes for Sassy from The Children's Place. I wasn't in love with them, and they don't exactly match her bathing suits that well, but I was in love with the price compared to the alternatives I have seen! Tyler finally picked out a new pair of glasses, and I am SO excited. I talked him into a pair of non-wire glasses!! I really likes these, but he picked out a bit of a darker frame. Still, he looked really good in them. I hope he'll end of loving them as much as I do! Might as well play up the sexy nerd factor that already exists, right?

By the time we were finished with all of our errands, we were way too exhausted to go to the park. I don't think the girls even missed it! We came home and watched Madagascar 2 in the basement, where it was nice and cool.

Oh, and here are a couple of shots from Father's Day. Poor Little A was sleeping. I can't believe I didn't get one picture of her and her Daddy on their first Father's Day together. Oh, the shame:

Sassy had been complaining of a tummy ache on and off for the past few days. Then, last night, she started running a fever. She woke up this morning with a rash on her neck and chest, so it was off to the pediatrician for us. The verdict: Sassy has strep throat. Ugh! Summer sickness is the pits!

Sassy was very disappointed because we were supposed to go to the fountains this morning with several of our friends. We even packed our swim bags and picnic lunch last night (before fever) so that we would be all ready to go this morning.

So, while we were at Target getting her prescription filled, good ole' mommy guilt got the best of me. I let her get this awful toy that she has been looking at for weeks. It's cute, actually, but it has approximately 1,437 small parts. You know, the kind of toy that I might lose sleep over, God forbid a tiny shoe were to go missing?

Here's a small photo recap of our morning...

The dreaded antibiotic. Come to think of it, we spent Father's Day last year in the ER because Sassy had a terrible allergic reaction to the Augmentin they gave her for the terrible infection she got from scratching at the terrible allergic reaction she had to the mosquito bites she got from visiting Grandma and Grandpa up in Minnesota. Did you get all that?

Sassy trying her best to do a sad face for the camera. Really, she's not feeling too crummy...

Sucking down that medicine:

Sassy, elated with her new death trap for baby sister Cinderella toy:

The totes I bought for Sassy, along with her toy, that I strongly encouraged her to use for all of the pieces (if she wants to keep the toy, that is...)

Sassy gleefully demonstrating the size of the teeny tiny Cinderella shoes. Sorry she is in her undies... that's just how we roll...

The anal-retentive list that I made off all of the pieces that should be accounted for, you know... as a reference point in case of any subsequent trips to the ER with Little A for Cinderella shoe removal from her duodenum...

Speaking of numbers, did you know that I hit the 10,000 mark for pictures from my new camera. You know, the one I got for my birthday in March?

So, here's the rundown by my calculations. I have taken 10,085 pictures since March 9th. That breaks down to 672.33 pictures per week, or 96.05 pictures per day.

Yeah, I think there is something officially wrong with me.

Crazy camera lady... OUT!

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The Costellos said...

I laugh every time I read your blog! Hope Sassy is feeling better soon!

Kendra said...

Oh but even though you are over 10,000, you simply can not stop now! You JUST mastered the "Looking off into the distance" shot!!!

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

WOW!! 10,000 pics...you should be doing it for $$ now!