February 18, 2010

Another 6 for the books...

Happy half birthday, Little A. Today, you are 18 months old.

It's been a while since you've been weighed and measured. We'll do an update when it comes time for your check-up, but I would venture to say you are close to, if not 25 pounds.

You are still a great eater, although I do believe you have finally started to slow down a bit. You enjoy bananas, cheese, chicken, pork, green beans, broccoli, carrots, mandarin oranges, turkey, and macaroni & cheese. You prefer vanilla ice cream to other flavors. You love to feed yourself with a spoon, and you are learning how to pierce things with a fork. You enjoy carrying around your snack traps filled with cheerios or goldfish. You prefer to drink out of Sassy's "coffee cup" sippie cups, so that is what I give you most often.

You are starting to become more and more interested in reading books. You love to help turn the pages, and we encourage you to do so, even if it is in the wrong direction some of the time. One of your favorite things to do is to sit on Mom or Dads lap in the rocker in your bedroom and read Little Feet Like..., a touch-and-feel book for your piggies. Your favorite page is the page with the soft blanket!

You still love to sing and dance, and you still love your cube! We even borrowed Lynzee's version of the cube, so now you have twice as many songs to choose from! Your two favorite songs to sing are Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Tic Toc.

You are picking up new words all the time. You say Mommy, Daddy, Sassy's real name, Nana, Graycop, Bumper, and Charlie well. Some of the phrases you say are "all done" and "thank you". You can use the signs for more, all done, and milk very well. We are still working on eat, drink, please, thank you, banana, and cracker. You can say poo-poo, and you often tell us when we can find that in your diaper! Some of the other words you can say are Hi, Bye, Yeah, No, Shoe, ball, baby, see, and bath.

You have been starting to favor comfort objects, but have not decided on a favorite yet. You tend to grab your cuddly blanket or silver kitty most of the time. You also still use your center fingers of your left hand to self-soothe.

You love to climb! You can often be found on one of the kitchen chairs, quickly making your way to the top of the table. You do not like to take no for an answer. Sometimes, when you get angry, you kick and yell and throw yourself backwards. You have even started to bite. We correct you, but we still love you!

Most of the time, though, you are a very sweet girl. You give the most scrumptious kisses a baby girl could give. You make us smile and laugh every day, and we are so thankful to have you as our own!

2 sweet tweets:

Sherry said...

Happy 18 Month Birthday Little A!! So exciting! I cracked up that she says "bummer"....I bet that's cute to hear.

Alyssa said...

It's hard to believe she is that old- but the proof was there when I saw how she toddled around at the party and climbed the tables! :)