February 19, 2010

Baby, Baby...

Oh my goodness. I am slated to fly to Chicago in a matter of hours, and I have so many things to wrap up around here. Like... oh, I don't know... PACKING for my trip!

I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful suggestions! I have chosen TWO winners for the "ideas contest".

First, to Tricia for the book idea. I will admit that I had heard this from another source, but it is my absolute FAVORITE idea ever for a baby shower- in lieu of greeting cards, everyone is asked to write a personal message to baby or Mom and Dad in the inside cover of a book. What a great way to start baby's book collection! I hope we have a lot of participants!

Second, to Kendra for the thank you card idea. What a huge time-saver it will be for Kelli to have that stack of thank you cards purchased, addressed, and ready to go. Great suggestion.

If you ladies will send me your address (through email or facebook), I will get your little thank you gift sent right out! Thanks a million!

I must go. Clean. Pack. Get my house ready for the girls to boss Nana, Graycop, and Tyler around. Until Tuesday...

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