February 17, 2010

VDay Recap...

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. We did a few things holiday related, so here is the recap...

February 6th: Package came in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa in Minnesota. It was filled with Valentine's goodies, including new fuzzy pink and purple slippers that Grandma knit for each girl. Sassy put hers on immediately:

Little A was more interested in the adorable knit hedgehog that Grandma sent the girls to share:

Argument ensues over sharing said hedgehog. As a distraction, Mommy decides to take Sassy to get her hair cut, but only after a quick shower. Mommy and Sassy take final long-hair pictures outside, Valentine's style:

We attend party, but not without taking pictures on the car ride there. Hey, it's me we're talking about here.

We go to party. Eat. Do crafts. Chase children.

Sassy and Daddy leave early for the annual Daddy-Daughter date night, held at the rec center. Shockingly, Sassy chooses to wear a regular dress this year instead of a princess dress-up dress. Mommy is a bad Mommy and does not obtain a single picture from pre-event, event, or post-event.

Mommy and Little A go shopping.

February 10: Sassy and Little A have Valentine's parties at MDO. They bring home a lot of candy.

February 11th: Mommy goes into Sassy's preschool to help the kids play school-wide heart bingo. This consist of running around like a mad person telling 3-year-olds that they have numbers to mark that they can't even identify yet, let alone find and mark quickly. Afterwards, we proceed to Sassy's classroom for her classroom party, cookies, and goodie bags.

Later, Nana and Graycop watch Sassy and Little A while Tyler and I go out to dinner and run errands. Happy Valentine's Day to us.

February 13th: Tyler leaves bright and early for Monica's to lay her kitchen floor. I take girls to a special fundraiser for MDO, a Saturday Valentine's edition where I dropped the girls off from 10:00 am-4:00 pm. Happy Valentine's to me!! I return home and do paperwork for the rest of the day.

Later, Sassy goes to LMB's house for a sleep-over. Tyler returns home and we watch Meet the Fockers after Little A goes to bed.

February 14th: Tyler leaves bright and early to finish the job at Monica's. He leaves me a cute stuffed pig that I had fallen in love with a while back:

Little A and I have an impromptu photo shoot outside in the freezing cold. With no coat. And no shoes.

Sassy and I make him a carrot cake with orange-cream cheese frosting. With real carrots. Then, I proceed to torture myself by allowing her to stay up until he returns home... at 9:15 pm. Fun times.

February 15th: I take the girls to the final Valentine's Day party for another Mommy group. At this point, I am way too exhausted to even put the camera I hauled inside to use. Fun was had by all. The end.

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Kendra said...

WOW that is quite a V day round up!! LOVE those slippers! And that pig is very cute =)