July 19, 2011

Mama, Mama, Melodrama...

Saturday night, some ladies from my wonderful mommy group met for a night on the town.

We started the evening off at River City Brewery, where we enjoyed dinner, a few drinks, and some much needed girly chat time. I enjoyed a delicious Summer Tomato Salad and a not-so-delicious mixed something-colada drink. I swaer, nothing can compete with The Cruiser anymore.

Next, we skipped down the block to Mosley Street Melodrama for their production of Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County. OMG. I really had no idea what a melodrama was like, or what to expect. It was interesting, to say the least. Very cheesy. Audience participation encouraged. Mediocre acting & singing, if I must be honest. But, really a good time. Oh, and a delicious "show special" blue frozen margarita!

We celebrated Sarah & Laura's birthdays, and the "hero" gave them a little special attention. HA!

We couldn't even stand to stay for the "country review" aftershow, so we headed over to Rain for a few more drinks and some more chatting. Rain is one of Wichita's equal-opportunity bars, so that was a first for some of the girls. Ah, Kansas. Always a step or two behind the times. More or less.

It was fun. All the ladies looked cute HOT.

How to teach a friend to use a DSLR in 10 seconds:

How to teach a random guy to frame a picture through a viewfinder in 10 seconds:

We stayed out way too late for my old-lady sleep requirements, but it was great. We even made a late-night stop at this fine establishment on the way home.

What can I say?

Moms' Night Out rocks!

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