July 20, 2011

Whatever Floats Your Boat Raft...

Don't look for this SPH Mama around these parts tomorrow evening through Sunday afternoon.

Why, you ask?

Apparently, I'll be floating haphazardly down some river.

Or, so I've been told.

That's right, folks. I am joining the ranks of kooky Kansans and insane Iowans and mad Missourians and...

...you get the picture.

Yep, I am going on my first float trip with some friends this weekend.

Am I excited?

A little.

The trip's timing has been overlapped with some crazy events in our SPH lives, and I'm not sure quite how to feel about it all. More on that front soon.

I'm more nervous, I think, that I will be stuck on a river for two days in 150 degree heat and hating.every.moment.

I don't think I'm alone in thinking that would really suck.

Who are we kidding? I am not the poster girl for outdoor adventure. The lazy river is like my mecca. Add in dirty river water and bugs and mud and sunburn and the necessity of peeing in a bush... not so much.

I'm trying to look at it as a grand girlfriend adventure.

We are floating on the Elk River through this company.

We are driving south Thursday after work, floating Friday & Saturday, and heading home Sunday morning.

We are staying here.

I am just a teeny bit nervous about staying at a place called The Booneslick Lodge.

Just sayin'...

However, any fear or reservation is completely understated next to the intense, superfluous sense of joy I experienced the moment it was confirmed that we would not be roughing it completely.

I found an item on Pinterest that mirrors my sentiments exactly:


And, that's the truth.

So, dear readers, please help a girl out. Tell me everything you know about float trips. What do I need to know? What do I need to pack? What do I need to avoid?


In return, I promise to spill the good, the bad, and the ugly once I return if I return!

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Rachel said...

Oh, Heather, you'll have a great time! Take it from a girl who is about as non roughing-it as they come - but who grew up in the Ozarks, where float trips, cliff jumping and caving were typical weekend activities. Just stay away from the snakes ;)

Zoeby said...

Well, enjoy that! I've always thought of camping as staying somewhere less than 3 stars. Ya know, like a hotel without a hair dryer--camping. I have no advice other than to stay sober enough to not drown. And avoiding snakes sounds like a good idea. I probably wouldn't take my camera either. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

I've been on that trip, and it is just not something I enjoyed. I can say the biggest mistake we made was not taking enough food/water with us out on the actual raft. We were pretty much on the raft all day, and it is hot, and hard work, and you will be hungry/thirsty.

miranda said...

i thought u said that that fell through....i was seriously considering trying to be a part of it when u asked....oh well....whatever. have fun.

courtney said...

I popped my float trip cherry a few years ago. It's actually a lot of fun! Being out on the river you won't notice the dirty or bugs because of all the people. It's like a moving party cove all the way down the river.