September 23, 2008

Is It Wrong???

I think I am going to be one of those pathetic moms who thinks it's beyond adorable to match the girls clothes. I find myself tending to do this a lot... I think it's cute. I don't think they have to be identical or anything, but coordinating is nice. Hell, I have even found myself color-coordinating Sassy's clothes to mine long before Little A was a thought! I always make sure Tyler and I coordinate with the girls, too, if I know there will be pictures taken. One of my very close friends (who shall remain nameless) finds this utterly nauseating. She almost lost it when she found out I ordered the girls matching coats for next fall. What can I say- I'll only be able to enjoy the power for so long, so more power to me! Here are some adorable pictures I took the other day, and YES, the girls are matching. So there!!!

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