September 26, 2008

Why Do I Even Try??

Craft time with a two-year-old: Why do I even attempt such feats? Why, you ask... because I am trying to enrich the mind and creative prowess of my baby girl, of course. So, today, we made apple note cards to send Little A's baby pictures out in. I saw an example of apple stamping in one of my many "I am way too young to subscribe to this magazine" magazines, and it looked really cute! So, I bought my supplies and we gave it a whirl today.

Well, I laid out our note cards and dabbled some crayola paints on a sandwich baggie to use as our "palette". Sassy and I, armed with paintbrushes, went to work. Well, our apple stamps look more like indiscernible blobs on paper, but she had fun. She was covered head-to-toe in paint, she tried to eat the paint at least three times, but at least she stuck the paintbrush up her nose only once (try cleaning that up)...

So, when some of you "luckies" get your awesome note card in the mail a) you will now know what it is you are looking at and b) better hang it on your fridge or something!

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