September 1, 2008

Exploration Adventures

Sassy relishing in her big sister duties: Sassy surrounding herself in a giant bubble:
Little A:
Sassy splish-splashing at the water table:

Yesterday, Ashley and I took the girls up to Wichita and left Tyler behind to get a bit of work done around the house and then to enjoy some R & R. We hit up Exploration Place, which was great because we ave hardly been able to use our season pass throughout this pregnancy. We spent the majority of our time at the castle and the "tot spot". Sassy had a great time riding the horses, playing with the bubble maker, and splashing in the water. We had lunch in the Waterway cafe and then headed up to Newton to check out the Carter's sidewalk sale. Auntie Ashley spoiled the girls with some fall clothes, and Sassy picked out a new lunchbox for "playschool", which starts this Wednesday.

Once we got back to Mulvane, we hung out in the basement and watched "What Happens in Vegas" while Sassy napped. We took Ash to Applebee's for dinner (not our first choice, but we didn't want to go all the way back up to Wichita, so we settled for somewhere in Derby). Then, to Tyler's delight, Ashley agreed to play him in tennis and bowling on the Wii- I won't even go there anymore (he has mastered the nonreturnable serve)... then, Ashley and I had a little fun playing American Idol on the Wii. Man, I suck at singing! I am so glad Ashley was able to come visit this weekend- we had a nice time!

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