September 19, 2008

Such A Sweet Smell

Ah, babies. What is it about babies? They have such a sweet smell! Despite the sleep deprived nights and the hectic days, there is just something about babies that makes you believe that your world is a great place to be!

My Little A is just a month old, and she is so beautiful. There is nothing that makes me feel more content than to hold her on my chest and breathe her in- that sweet scent of baby shampoo and innocence all mixed into one. Her skin is so silky soft and I could just sit there all day and hold her.

The time goes so quick- soon you are asking yourself how they could possibly be so big already. Each little milestone is bittersweet- packing away those newborn clothes, tucking away a sweet little newborn diaper for the memory box, reminiscing when their little feet were as big as your thumb...

As hard as it is, at times, to be the mommy of a new baby, it is SO worth it. The days go by lightening fast, so enjoy each moment while you can! After all, it is such a sweet smell...



Congrats & good luck to Kristen & Rebecca! Check out the virtual baby shower HERE!

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Motherhood Uncensored said...

Thanks so much for joining in the shower. That's an amazing picture in your header. Congrats on those cuties. :)