June 15, 2009


Hi. Little A here. Mom's been a little busy catching up from her business trip. We all like to wreak a little havoc while she's gone, and it typically sends her straight into a tail spin for a few days. I thought I'd jump in and compose a little post while she's tied up with helping Sassy do a kangaroo puzzle for the 876th time and sweeping the corners and crevices of each room in order to prevent me from eating dust particles and dead bugs... you know... the usual.

So, I starting crawling this week. Everyone made such a big deal about it, but I was, like... duh. I'm going to be 10 months next week. It's only natural!

I like to be a girl on a mission, and I can get whatever it is that my little heart desires:

This crawling gig has been working to my advantage. Now, I can invade my sister's puzzle time and eat the pieces that I've been lusting after for weeks. I can also scurry over to the coffee table and pull out all of mom's magazines. The edges are really yummy. It's fun to watch mom put them all away 10 times a day, too. You know, a little afternoon entertainment, is all.

I mean, I'm not going to lie. Sometimes, I do try to seek out a little mischief:

But, really... what are they going to do to me when I look like this? I mean, C'mon:

Oh, and have any of you ever cut, like, 5 teeth all at once? Yeah, I've been dealing with that, too. Well, maybe not five, but it sure feels like it! Mom and Dad think it's hilarious that I have the one top tooth over on the side, and none in the middle. Mom calls me snaggletooth, but I know it's endearing. I do look a little silly, truth be told. Those teething tablets and the Motrin have been helping with the pain, but I really hope it's all over soon.

Yeah, so I've pretty much been moving non-stop since the advent of the crawling. My poor little knees are even getting red! Time to tell mom to dig out the Baby Legs!

Phew, all this crawling is making me tired. I think it's about time a nice, cold white beverage, and then it's time to hit the sack! Thanks for reading my post. Mom should be back tomorrow. Hey, let's not tell her about how I hijacked her blog, all right? I probably should have asked first! Thanks, peeps. Little A, out!

2 sweet tweets:

Mae said...

Sweet Little A! What a big girl! I hope I'll get to see her (and the rest of her family) soon!

Kendra said...

HA! Homegirl's got talent!