June 4, 2009

Look-y... Cookies!

After having a very busy start to the week, work-wise, we finally had an evening to spend together as a family! We ran a couple of errands, made a quick trip to the grocery store, and decided to make MckMama's Twisted Oatmeal Raisin MckCookies!

Sassy loves to bake, especially with her Daddy. Ever since she was old enough to drag her little step stool from room to room, she has done so in order to help in the kitchen. This time, she felt extra involved in the process, as our new Marketplace grocery store debuted last week, complete with child-sized metal shopping carts. Sassy made sure that every item we bought ended up in her basket!

We gathered ingredients:

Daddy poured the molasses:

Sassy dumped the flour:

They scooped the oats:

Sassy poured them in:

And, the rest was history! The cookies turned out delicious, by the way. I forgot how decadent turbinado sugar was, really. Mmmm...

Little A was less than amused last night after watching us gobble oatmeal cookies, only to be served peas and brown rice:

And, since I am currently holding the Mother of the Year title and all, I thought I would share Sassy's elation in her breakfast this morning:

C'mon, they are oatmeal cookies...

2 sweet tweets:

erin said...

I hear ya on the oatmeal-for-breakfast thing, no matter what form the oatmeal takes. Heavenly Homemaker has a recipe for some breakfast cookies with oats that I feed to the kids and Hubby is like "Cookies? For breakfast?" And I'm like "OATS." 'nuf said.

Kendra said...

Yum I am so coming over for breakfast if I am ever in the area!!!!!! =)