December 25, 2009

On the Eve of Christmas, Part II

We barely entered the door from dinner, and Sassy was practically tackling anyone in the way of her bedroom door, peddling furiously to get a pair of pajamas on like we told her we would do before we opened gifts.

It took a bit of coaxing, but we finally convinced her to come open this one gift (a new pair of pajamas, pre-washed and wrapped for this very occasion). I had to settle with the fact that she was opening her first gift if the evening in her panties.

Once she opened and tried on her new jammies, she was very excited! Doesn't she look cute in her new owl jammies?

Little A enjoyed wearing her new bird jammies, too. No matter that they were about a foot too long... she kept saying pitty, ooh, pitty... (pretty).

Next, Sassy handed out the gifts that she picked all on her own. I was just tickled by how much she enjoyed handing out her gifts and seeing every one's reactions... even before she opened any of her own gifts. I was really pleased with my decision to take her Christmas shopping- she definitely soaked up the entire concept of choosing gifts and keeping secrets and all that...

Sassy even readily handed over the gift she chose for Little A... and didn't even ask if she could play with it!

Quite the accomplishment...

Sassy concentrated hard on the task at hand. Pure determination opening those gifts, I tell you.

One of Sassy's favorites was her new dance bag, to hold her dance shoes and warm-up clothes. Never mind the fact I ordered said bag before our dance class disaster, which ultimately caused me to pull her from the class, and of which I have not had the emotional fortitude to blog about...

Oh, well. Rest assured that bag will get proper use once a dance studio within a reasonable distance has open enrollment again...

One of the things I was really excited about giving Little A was a sling for her baby . A while back, she got very interested in baby dolls. It was the cutest.thing.EVER. Now? Not so much. In fact, she practically clawed my eyes out when I tried to show her how the slings worked. Fail.

Oh, and get this... during the days leading up to Christmas, Tyler was on the hunt for a certain gift for me. He was searching high and low, making phone calls, etc. I said to him, "I swear to you, Tyler, if you buy me a Snuggie, I will never speak to you again. Like, ever."


I did get the camera lens and lens hood my little ♥ desired. ~XOXOXO~

Sassy was equally as thrilled to receive this adorable Briar.Claire beanie from Mom and Dad. This is what I like to call her tough guy look...

We were forced to take a break from gift opening so that Little A could go to bed. She's definitely a girl who knows what she wants, and when she wants to go to bed, she wants to go to bed.

Tyler and Sassy took the opportunity to whip up a batch of reindeer food:

Sassy even braved the wind and cold for reindeer food dispersal:

There was enough time for a brief session of dress-up, where Sassy modeled her new Tiana look with her matching princess Barbie. She was about in heaven, I swear...

Then, it was time for teeth-brushing, pierced ear cleaning, bed tucking, and telling of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

We explained to Sassy that she had to stay tucked in her own bed so that Santa could visit while she was sleeping.

Wouldn't you know it, we didn't hear a peep out of her for the first time in for.ever.

Funny, how that works...

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