December 14, 2009

Glitz, Glamour, Girl Time, Gravy (& biscuits), and Glee...

...or something.

December has proven busy in the SPH. I could go into great detail about all the things that have been keeping us busy, but I won't.

I'll just give you the highlights...

We took the girls to have breakfast with Santa at the rec center. Little A consumed about 7 portions of biscuits and gravy! I swear, it was like she had never eaten before!

Because I am a good mom, I would never take pictures of my children sobbing while sitting criss-cross applesauce in time out during said breakfast:

I just couldn't help myself. The irony of the situation was too much to bear:

Do you see her shirt... Been Good All Year... Ha!

It's all good, though. Santa must have used his ESP... he gave Sassy a good old-fashioned talkin' to before she could sit on his lap!

Hey, look- both kids on Santa's lap, and NO SCREAMING! Mission: accomplished!

Saturday night, I attended a holiday party with some of the moms from one of the moms' groups I belong to. It goes to show you how comfortable I have become- in the years past, I have really made an effort to dress up and look nice. This year, I wore fleece sweatpants, a long-sleeved pink ribbon t-shirt, and my New Balance's. Oh, and not a spot of makeup on my face.

I was slightly mortified when, upon arrival, the girls decided that it would be fun to go out to eat instead of staying put like we had planned. Instead, we went to Jose Pepper's, stuffed ourselves, returned to Laura's house, stuffed ourselves some more, and played silly board games until 1:00 am. Awesome!

Sassy and Little A were supposed to go to Bubs birthday party Saturday... until pinkeye struck our home. Ugh! Try explaining to a 3-year-old who feels perfectly fine that she can't go to a birthday party because her eye is sick.

Instead, Tyler and Sassy baked cookies all day- oatmeal toffee and shortbread! Yum!

Sunday, we took the girls to see The Princess and the Frog. I really liked the story! It had a few parts that I thought would be really frightening for Sassy, but she was un-phased by them.

Sassy has been semi-obsessed with the new Tiana stuff since first seeing it at the stores. Well, now she is doubly obsessed. She wants Tiana pajamas, Tiana dress-up, a Tiana Build-A-Bear, and a Tiana Favorite Moments set. Way to go Disney- Mission: accomplished!

Oh, and I think Sassy has the hots for Prince Naveen...

She even named her bippy fairy frog Naveen.

(Lynzee- if you are reading this... we still have every intention of going to this movie with you Christmas week. We were just extremely bored and extremely desperate for a cold-weather activity, so we went. You, me, Sassy, and LMB are on for it, though!)

What else, what else...

Oh, Sassy and I had an impromptu photo shoot the other day. She got a new headband that is just over-the-top, and we ♥ it!! Enjoy:

Oh, these pictures remind me...

Does anyone have any good remedies for winter chapped skin/lips? Sassy always gets the dry red patches on her cheeks and around her lips (as you can see). We've tried several lotions and neosporin. I've told her a million and two times to stop licking. Advice??

I bought new boots today. My brown ones sustained a big tear in the sole (still not quite sure how)...

I've been wanting a pair of Uggs for about 5 years now, but who can afford those? I found these grey ones at Famous Footwear for $24.99. And, I had a $5 off coupon. Thoughts??

I.cannot.believe I purchased something with fringe. What is this- 1984? I don't know what to say... I liked them.

Do any of you have guilty television pleasures? I have several (hundred). My husband can attest to this fact. My newest guilty TV pleasure- Glee.

It's SO cheesy. SO corny. SO awesome! I can't believe that I just discovered it about 3 episodes ago.

And, he's not too bad on the eyes, either:

I felt much better when I googled him and learned that he's actually 27. We don't need another Taylor Lautner incident on our hands here...

Oh, and don't feel too badly for Tyler when it comes to my guilty TV pleasures...

His eyes have been glued to the GLEE screenings weekly.

Happy Monday, everyone! :)

4 sweet tweets:

Diane said...

Lisa swears by Vaseline for getting the little ones to stop liking their lips. I'm going to give it a try on my monkey this season.

Diane said...

I really should read my comments before posting! : ) Change liking to licking and see if that makes sense.

Sarah said...

What about carmex? It works for chapped lips, and I bet it probably tastes pretty yucky so maybe that will get her to stop licking.

Anonymous said...

I guess fringe is back. I have been eyeing a purse online for, like, months. Because I like it, but it has fringe. So I am confused. I am no fashion diva, but I know bags. This bag is good. But it has fringe. But it is good. But it has fringe. Confusing.