December 3, 2009


I swear, if it's not one thing, it's another. I was in my office preparing for a visit this evening when I hears a loud crash and loud wails to follow. I knew Tyler was up there, so I did not react immediately to see what was going on- loud crashes are a daily occurrence around here.

Well, a few moments later, Tyler appears at my office door with a (still screaming) Little A. As he is telling me what happened, I notice a good sized hematoma on Little A's right temple. Well, we'll call it between her forehead and her temple. She apparently ran full speed ahead into Sassy's wooden toddler bed frame.

It was scary looking, I must admit. It was quickly filling with blood and getting darker and darker. I've seen many a goose-egg in my day, but it was a bit concerning that there was obviously an active bleed happening.

She began to calm down a bit, and we got some ice on it (which of course sent her straight back into wail-mode). I have experience with these things, you know, but there is just something about when it is your own... a little bit of panic sets in.

I promptly called my home visit to cancel... sure we were going to be making a trip to the ER due to the size and location of the owie. But, I calmed myself down a bit over time, knowing that she was calm, the swelling was going down immensely with the ice, and the bump really was on the frontal bone and not truly temporal...

We monitored her for a bit- she was acting normal, walking, playing, etc. I did make a call into the pediatrician for peace of mind. She agreed that as long as Little A didn't display any unusual behaviors, that we were OK to monitor her at home. No pain reliever for 3 days, and we are to sleep in the same room for the next two nights, waking her every four hours to make sure she will rise and become alert without difficulty.

Anyway, she's doing just fine. The girls took a bath and she played away. I snapped a few pictures- her head looks about 25x better than it did when it first happened!

We brought Little A back a "guy" from our Kansas City trip. Sassy fell in love with her Piglet at about this age, so we wanted Little A to have her own special someone. Isn't she cute?

Little A ♥'s her!

Oh, and isn't she just the cutest little tooth-brusher you have ever seen?

Big 'ole owie and all...

My sweet, silly girl...

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Kendra said...

Yowzers!! that is big!! Bless her sweet little heart.

Here's wishing you a week without a trip or phone call to the doctors...=)