December 21, 2009

Screech Owls, Sleepovers, and Santa (again)...

Last Friday, we decided to take an offhand family trip to Great Plains Nature Center. Since we are experiencing the heart of winter and the frigid temperatures and all (insert sarcasm here), we need to take advantage of some great indoor activities!

Little A got down with nature. She rocked the pine cone:

Sassy did her best impression of a unicorn:

We visited the cutest little screech owl EVER:

I briefly considered smuggling him into my coat and taking him home, but ultimately thought better of it.

Little A was fascinated by the epoxy creek. She even crawled in, but only once.

Tyler got off of work early Friday (yeah) to begin another furlough (boo), so he met us there. Mommy finally got a reprieve from chasing the crazy one sweet, precious Little A all around the museum...

We moved into the observatory, and Little A proceeded to spend 20 minutes learning to fall down the stairs. I, of course, took pictures for the duration of her display:

Saturday night, we had our moms' group Holiday party. We brought LMB along with us. We enjoyed pizza, pasta, and lots of goodies. Sassy was thrilled to heave her picture taken:

And, even more thrilled in response to my request to stand next to LMB:

The girls had a ball playing in the "snow pit":

Little A doing what she does best:

Again, the girl loves to eat:

Sassy and Little A posing with Santa for the umpteenth time this season:

Final Christmas party- O-V-E-R!

Later Saturday evening, we allowed Sassy to host a sleepover for LMB. LMB slept over once before during a camp out. And, Sassy slept over at LMB's house once before, too... (two attempts, one success)...

It was already fairly late when we arrived home, but I had promised the girls a nail party...

Sassy was tickled by my quick salon set-up:

After nails were dry and bedtime storied were read (thanks, Ty) we made beds down in the basement and watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Soon, the little dinos were enjoying dreamland...

Sunday morning, the we made cinnamon rolls and the girls decided to go all BFF on me:

After some crazy dancing, toddler-style, we called it a day.

Wanna know the best part about hosting sleepovers? They are reciprocal. Sassy is slumbering at LMB's as.we.speak. Well, hopefully. We'll see if I receive any late night phone calls regarding the retrieval of a sobbing toddler from across the highway...

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