December 6, 2009

Fa la la la la...

Holiday season is underway here at the SPH*. We've enjoyed several days of holiday fun, and we are looking forward to many more!

Friday morning, Sassy and I had a mother-daughter day all planned out. Sassy decided a week or so ago that she wanted to buy her own Christmas presents with her own money from her own piggy bank.

I told her that she didn't have to spend her own money, but she insisted. So, we emptied the silver out of her piggy bank, counted it out, and traded it in for paper money. She had about $35 in there. She had a small list of people she wanted to shop for, so we did. I talked to Tyler about it, and we will replace the $35 into her savings account, but thought it was a generous notion and a good idea to let her do it if that is what she wanted to do.

I let her pick out her own wrapping paper, and we brought the goodies back into her bedroom. She made homemade gift tags while I wrapped the gifts for her.

She used her new Strawberry Shortcake stamps:

She did some concentrating on the task at hand:

She colored, colored, colored. She was so stinkin' cute:

And, very proud of the outcome- quite a pile of gifts in pink wrapping paper- Sassy style!

She's my cuddly bear:

Friday evening, we had our tree decorating ceremony. We make this a big production every year- I was just looking back to my post from last year and CANNOT BELIEVE how much the girls have grown!

Sassy was stoked to show off all of our ornaments the select unbreakable few ornaments that we will be displaying this year thanks to a certain 15 month-old kamikaze affectionately known as Little A...

Maybe a little too stoked.

There... much better:

Little A grabbed an ornament box with a puppy holding a key in it's mouth that says New Home. That was her favorite, and she basically carried it around the entire night, growling at anyone who attempted to pry it from her chubby little fingers:

Sassy asked me to take a picture of her new ornament this year. Surprise, surprise... only her current obsession. Alice fit nicely in our tree:

Little A took a break from clinging on to the puppy ornament, just long enough to help Daddy hang one or two others:

Sassy hung each and every one with care:

Sassy and Daddy placed our angel atop the tree, and I asked for them to smile for the camera... this is what I got:

Oh, Sassy...

Then, we enjoyed a little red and green with new blankets that I bought for each girl.



Let the battle begin:

I followed with the obligatory self portrait to guarantee myself a spot on the annual tree decorating scrapbook layout:

And, it was off to the kitchen for snacks.

Eggnog fans united:


And, our feast of Scottish Shortbread and plum dumplings ensued...

And it was Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...

Sassy's 1st dance performance was slated for Saturday morning at the YMCA breakfast with Santa. We had a bit of a traumatic experience, and I will have to save that for another day and another blog post.

Sassy was excited about it, though, and I did get a few shots of her before we left the house:

Saturday evening, our town had their annual holiday event downtown. We attended for the first time last year, and Sassy had been building it up for quite some time. She just couldn't wait to see Santa, ride ponies, and do a horse & carriage ride.

The girls got all bundled up:

I forced Little A to make a mockery of herself by stretching the wear of this hat into another winter season:

Oh, and yes... she does have a bruise smack-dab in the middle of her forehead. No, it is not from the same injury-producing debacle as this. Yes, she also sustained a fat lip this morning in a stair fall. No, we are not completely careless. Yes, she is keeping us on our toes, and then some!

We arrived, checked out the petting zoo, and even got to spend some time with an adorable Newfie (Newfoundland, in lay speak).

We crossed the street and entered the line to see Santa. Within moments, Sassy was out:

Like, OUT COLD out. Tom and Lynzee met up with us. LMB and LuLu tried to rouse her. No such luck. After a short while, Ty became tired from carrying the dead weight upon his shoulders, and we headed home. No ponies. No carriage. No Santa.

Only lots of sweet, sweet dreams!

*Sweet Pea Household

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