November 30, 2010

Cleaning and Climbing and Cold Medicine... Oh, My!

I'm not going to lie... I spent the majority of last week {and all weekend and as I type...} in a fog. A cold-medicine-y, cough suppressant-y, Mentholatum haze. It's not a pretty picture, folks.

I've pretty much been sick for two weeks and counting. Mostly the kind of sick where you wish you felt better. And nightly, the kind of sick where you are sleeping but not really because you are coughing so bad you couldn't possibly be sleeping well, but you're sleeping enough that when your husband or mother or child moves about in the room to shower in the morning or give you hot honey-lemon water in the middle of the night or climb into your bed to sleep with you, you startle, so you must have been sleeping a little. And occasionally, where you lay in bed, unable to move, rendered completely useless in daily activity, so you just take some more cold medicine and roll over in hopes that a nap will cure everything. Yeah, that kind of sick.

So, sometime between returning from burger king and the arrival of Tyler's Mom, Dad, and Grandma Wednesday evening, I did the following:

Grocery shop for Thanksgiving dinner.
Clock a whopping 22 minutes of work before deciding it was utterly useless.
Take the girls to My Gym with Lynzee and her girls.
Eat sushi.
Start a crock pot of delicious chili.

You get the picture...

And, speaking of pictures, I have a few to share...


...and playing...

...and playing...

Details of the giveaway surprise to come shortly! ♥

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Sherry said...

Ugh, hope you're feeling better soon!

Kendra said...

Ugh. Hope you are feeling better!!!