November 3, 2010

Rock the Bote

As you know, yesterday was voting day.

I chose to go cast my vote while Tink was sleeping {at home with Nana} before I picked Sassy up from preschool {the voting location is right across the street from the school}...

I stuck me "I Voted" sticker on my sweater and headed off to wait for Sassypants.

Well, of course Sassy had one million and one questions, and I tried to explain what voting was the best I could.

Later in the evening, after Ty came home from work and Tink had her PAT visit with Miss Debbie, we were set to drove up to Wichita to have dinner at Outback with my parents, and our out-of-town guest- my buddy, Bastian, who is spending the week with us after returning to The States for awhile from Germany. {Yeah.}

Tyler still hadn't voted, so he asked if we could swing by the church on our way so he could run in and vote.

I said sure.

Then, I started thinking about it, and thought it would be an educational opportunity for Sassy to go inside with him and witness the process. After a brief conversation, he agreed, and we asked Sassy if she would like to go in with Daddy to see what voting was like.

She was very excited.

We pulled into our parking space, and Ty went around to the side of the car to help Sassy out of her car seat. That's when Tink chimed in...

In the sweetest little voice ever on the face of the earth, Tink said, "I bote too, Daddy? I bote, too?" Be still my heart. Like there was any chance in the world that either of us were going to say no to that.

So, Tyler {what a trooper} lugged both girls inside with him to vote. 18 minutes later, the three of them emerged, all sporting their "I Voted" stickers proudly.

I ♥ my family.

3 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

I hope he taught them to vote democrat.

Tyler said...

Sassy was confused. She thought we were going in a boat. In line she was asking what type of boat it was.

Jenna said...

We also have PAT visit us. What a wonderful service!!