November 8, 2010

WIR: Basti Fantasti and More...

Whew. Busy, busy week.

We had an out-of-town guest pop in for a last minute visit. Of of my best.friends.EVER, Bastian, just returned to the States Oct. 27th from Germany. He's originally from Germany, but moved to TX midway through high school to play football. He played football for Iowa State, which is how we met, and became fast friends. You may recall our trip to Dallas last November for his and Nicole's American wedding...

Anyway, Bastian tagged along as we continued to uphold our regular schedule. He went with us to Sassy's dance class Monday evening. The girls dentist appointments Tuesday morning. Preschool drop-off and pick-up. And so on and so forth. I found it hard at times to balance everything. It's so much different once you have children. But, that's material suitable for an entire post of it's own, and maybe one day I will sort through all of that...

We did get to enjoy a wonderful steak dinner at Outback Tuesday night. Bastian and my dad went to Hell Bomb and got new tattoos. Had lunch at Luciano's Wednesday while the girls were at MDO. Held Grins & Squiggles Wednesday evening. Worked Thursday. Bastian left Friday morning.

Phew. Did I say that already??

Here are a few pictures from his visit:

Bastian set up a "quarter hunt" in the front yard with two rolls of quarters. the girls had a ball hunting for quarters and then placing them in their piggy banks!

Bastian & Nicole- we are super glad you guys are back in the States, and we can't wait to see more of you!

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