November 11, 2010


Tink has a new favorite breakfast.

She asks for it every morning, and I'm not going to lie... when she does, it sure puts a smile on my face!

OP-a-meet-al {or, oatmeal, for all you who do not speak Tink}.

Isn't it the best when kids say things in a funny way? Or, when they just say really funny things? Now, don't get me wrong... I understand the importance of proper language. In fact, it's my job to make sure that kids are meeting their developmental milestones, and expressive language is a huge component of that. But, it's completely normal for little ones to say things wrong when they first begin to speak. N-O-R-M-A-L.

Beyond that, there may be an instance or two where I, as Mama, lead them astray. I mean, opameetal sounds so much cuter than oatmeal, doesn't it? So I may or may not ask her to say it over and over. And I may or may not praise her for being so stinkin' cute {don't tell on me}. So, if she goes to college calling oatmeal opameetal, there will be no one but myself to blame. I'm only human.

Um, case in point... how they heck do you think the name Graycop came to be? Yeah, he's no retired law enforcement officer, I'll tell ya that much...

Some of the other cute things Tink is saying:

♥MY DO IT! {Instead of I do it}...
♥A-mee-ya {her name, especially when she sees pictures of herself}
♥{Loud Gasp} Wook! {...Look...}
♥My first! {about anything and everything... she always wants to be first or have a turn first}
♥Baby seepin'. Seepy nigh-nigh. Shhh...

Tink, you are my bowl of opameetal with brown sugar on top!

3 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

Connor eats oatmeal every day too. I just love that he eats a good healthy breakfast. Brandon won't eat anything. But yeah, Connor is saying some really great stuff right now.

Sarah said...

Optameal is a favorite at our house as well, but it's "ot-meal" for us!

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

Easton has called it Me Meal for ever. Gota love their vocab!

Em still calls herself "Emma sin". I don't know if she will ever call herself Emerson.