November 23, 2010

Gingerbread Village.

We spent a silly Saturday with Graycop, welcoming the holiday season with open arms!

While Tyler painted and my Mom continue to recover at home from her surgery, Graycop spent the day with us, as we took the girls to the annual Assistance League of Wichita fundraiser known as Gingerbread Village. We had visited once before when Tink was teeny-tiny, and I thought the time was right to give it another go!

Sassy picked out her own outfit for the day, and practically begged me to take pictures out front before we left. I have created a monster.

My two little pretties:

What a silly Tink! Don;t you love when you don;t even notice that your child has a bruise in the middle of their forehead until you are editing photographs? That doesn't happen to you? Oh. Me neither.

I am totally digging Sassy's style lately! Which, in reality, should come as no surprise seeing as I purchase her wardrobe. HA! But, she pulls it off well.

Two words:

Right before we left the house, I shooed the girls inside so that I could gather the rest of my belongings. Tink {sweet little soul that she is} slammed the door in my face and just laughed and laughed. Of course my first instinct was to photograph her, so I did. Here is is: Tink through etched glass door. Coming soon to a gallery near you...

Oh, right... this post was supposed to be about Gingerbread Village.

For a small fee, you gain entrance to a display of several gingerbread creations submitted for judging. Then, each person gets a gingerbread kit to make their own edible treat.

The girls enjoyed viewing the houses. There were some really impressive ones!

With the help of a young volunteer, Sassy constructed her entire house by herself. I was super impressed. My Dad fumbled through his construction, and I plugged away at Tink's base while she ate all the candy. No, seriously. When it came time to decorating her house, I think she put on one decoration. And, that's just because I forced her to. She was much happier eating the colorful adornments...

She did, however, make the important discovery that she is not a fan of Red Hots.

When we were finished building, we walked through the silent auction across the hall for a bird sanctuary, where we got to meet this adorable little fellow:

And, we wrapped up our fun day with a display of our gingerbread houses in front of the gingerbread boy. How fitting.

The girls had a blast, and it's definitely worth the money not to have to mess with this at home to go towards such a great cause! Plus, now we have mantle decorations as a kick-start to our holiday decorating. Yipee!

3 sweet tweets:

Sherry said...

Yes, LOVE the shoes!! Tink's hat is adorable as well!

Alyssa said...

I'm sorry we missed it this year. Looks like the girls had fun!

Mrs. D said...

I LOVE the boots too! I am also sorry we missed this, this year. We used to go every year with my MIL. The houses look great!