March 4, 2011

Link Love... It's Addicting!

Another Friday, another Link Love over @ Kiwi Freckles! Try it, it's fun!

Just another addition that I plan to add into Tink's new bedroom...

We made this during the week, and it was SO good. Girls loved it, too!

Guess who just bought a super cute bag by this designer from this friend for a little early birthday present for myself?? That's right... ME!

I think this would be so neat to have. Sassy loves this game!

Won't this be super fun? There's still time to sign up. GO!

I wonder if she could do another one of these. LOVE!

I really wish I was joining the ranks of the users of these sometime soon!

Just bought this for Sassy to wear for Easter. Love the colors!

Already had an adorable skirt, tee, and cardigan from this line for Tink that I scored on super sale in Chicago last summer!

This looks so comfy for the summer. I could probably wear this all summer long!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

3 sweet tweets:

Cherish Stockdale said...

I am in love with every one of those dresses. I wish they made the little girl dresses in adult size!
those wall letters are fab
& that rice casserole thing looks pretty good

thanks for linking up! soo fun! :)

Alyss said...

Adorable little girls. Could their eyes BE any bluer?!

I have a Kindle and I devour books because of it. Grocery line, Doc appointments, red lights (I kid). I just whip it out. Tell Santa early and maybe it'll happen!

**** said...

I just bought that dress from Old Navy last week!

And I left a note on the Meetup board, but let me know if the bag is too bright for you - I didn't think to say that's not as muted as in the pic online :)