March 28, 2011

Spring Break... Out...


I survived spring break 2011.

I was a little nervous at the start, knowing it would be hour upon hour, day upon day of sweet pea central, primarily. Daddy had lots of overtime and side work this week, and I was slightly apprehensive that the whole no-school thing was going to push me over the edge, but I'll tell you what... was pretty blissful. I am head-over-heels super in love with the idea of summer right about now.

I think it helped that we had a very low-key week planned (or, should I say not planned)...

The week started of with gorgeous weather- near 80's! We spent the majority of that first weekend outside in summery clothes. It was divine!

My super smiley Tink-a-link...

My little sunshine girl- love her in yellow!

My sweet peas...

Can you believe they can pretty easily borrow from one another's closet? CRAZY! Shoes, too. I do think Sassy has had a small growth spurt recently, though... she is starting to pull ahead of the pack even further in height. Remember, these girlies are 27 months apart!

They are the sweetest, silliest sisters!

Mama spent Monday and Tuesday morning working. I got a haircut. The girls had their first sleepover by Nana and Graycop's Monday evening. Tyler and i worked on cleaning the girls rooms and the rest of the house... slowly but surely.

Tink celebrated a super important milestone this spring break... any guesses:

The weather became cooler, and spring reared its lovely head. Look at these beautiful backyard blooms!

I snapped a few pictures from the kitchen, swearing I'd go outside and take some "real" ones later in the day, but the rain and hail came, destroying many of the delicate blooms. So, we'll have to just appreciate them in all their glory through the window...

We had a laundry disaster. Look familiar, anyone? Details to come...

We hung out at home. Had some nice lunches. Played, played, played. Watched movies. Went shopping. Sassy had a dance workshop.

We had dance parties. Often.

For the most part, the girls were kind to each other.

We spent plenty of time at Nana's house playing and making sure she continues to recover well from surgery. Got together a time or two with Lynzee and the girls. Did lots and lots of cuddling. Especially as the weather turned dismal, cold, and snowy. Only in Kansas...

Tyler and the girls transferred tomato plants:

Tyler took the girls for a play date with Dustin, Luke & Tyler. The Daddy's watched KU lose and the kids had a blast. Sarah & I discussed this book with some friends at the returning-from-hiatus mommy group book club.

All in all, it was a busy-enough, calm-enough week. Get me? Here's to a fabulous next 8 weeks until SUMMER VACATION!!!

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