March 7, 2011

Oh, Monday... I loathe thee.

Nevertheless, another week is upon us. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit, right?

I did have a pretty fabulous weekend, albeit a weekend without very many pictures. CrAzY... I know, I know.

Let's see- here's the rundown- I took a neat little photography class Saturday morning by Deidre Caswell Photography, and hosted by Sweet Cheeks. It wasn't so much a technical class as an inspirational one- entitled Beyond the Snapshots, and loaded with encouragement to get into a more photojournalistic groove and capture the little moments. I try hard to do this anyway, but I came away with some new great ideas.

Late Saturday afternoon, once Tyler relieved me of parenting duties, Lynzee and I took off and ran some errands. We hit Orange Leaf, renewed our Sam's Club memberships, picked up some odds & ends at Hobby Lobby, and headed to one of my favorite spots- Lucinda's.

I found a pair of shoes that I was head-over-heels (no pun intended) in ♥ with, but at $72 on sale, I just couldn't bring myself to do it... even if I was out celebrating my birthday a little early. These were the shoes- called Beans on Toast by Irregular Choice. Aren't they crazy, quirky, fun, and a little nutty? So me! They were so cute on, by the way. Tyler, if you're reading this, the size 7 fit me best. LUCINDA'S. HA!

OK, enough with the shoes. A few girlfriends met us at Lucinda's, and we jetted over to Hana Cafe for sushi & tempura and then to Cafe Moderne for gelato, coffee, and chatting. The person who developed bacio gelato is a saint. Kissable, for sure. Just sayin'. Oh, and dinner tastes so much better when the tab is picked up, and is accompanied by a new backpack camera case & an Old Navy gift card. THANKS A MILLION, ladies!

Sunday, Tyler and I cleaned, ran errands, grocery shopped, and cleaned some more. Sunday morning, I was on the computer planning meals for the week. I was, of course, procrastinating and began caching up on blogs. My friend Rachel happened to post this PW recipe for pizza, which we made last night. OMG. Dee-licious!

...paired it with a little of this...

We tried both versions. I preferred the fresh basil version, but I think la familia enjoyed it best with the pesto that we had in the freezer from when we picked the last of the fresh basil from our garden last year. In any case, both were pretty delectable!

All in all, a pretty great weekend. T-1 day, 9 hours until my birthday! {I am such a child...} Have a great Monday, peeps!

3 sweet tweets:

stephanie said...

ha! i love that you have a countdown to your birthday! i'm the same way, i keep thinking, when will i grow up and stop caring about my birthday! probably never ; ) that pizza looks delish too btw!!!

Rachel said...

Yea for trying that scrumptious pizza! I have leftover crust in the fridge and was planning on making it again tonight, but I'm not sure I can eat it YET again.


Kendra said...

Happy early birthday!! And I am SUCH a child about my birthday too!! It drives David crazy!! I start celebrating like a week early and it carries over a week after my birthday too.

Can I tell you (and anyone else reading these comments) a secret? I was SO RELIEVED last year that the twins didn't come on - or too close to- my birthday.

Because it's mine.

And I don't want to share.