November 22, 2008

Gingerbread Village

This morning, we took a trip up to Gingerbread Village, which is a fund-raising event for The Assistance League of Wichita. You basically pay a small fee to tour a little pathway of about 20 or so gingerbread houses, and then each person gets a kit to sit down at a table and construct their own. It looked like some high school kids were volunteering by going table to table to show you how to construct the actual house. Good thing, too, because ashamedly, I wasn't quite sure how to do it.

Anyway, we saw some really cool gingerbread houses, a gingerbread farm, and a gingerbread castle. Sassy loved decorating her house, even though 90% of the candy and cereal ended up in her mouth rather than on her house. Big shocker! Every time I would tell her to put it on the house or that she'd had enough, she'd just give me a sheepish grin and ignore everything I had to say. Shocker #2. All in all, worth the trip.

Some of the cool houses we did not make:

And, the beautiful one we did:

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