November 3, 2008


So, as I stated before, Little A was admitted to the hospital Tuesday night for difficulties breathing. We got word of her RSV diagnosis sometime Wednesday. The irony- she was officially the first case the hospital has seen this season. Joy. Aren't we special?

Basically, she had a mild case. The entire reason she was kept for so long was that she required oxygen and deep suctioning to help her breathe. Otherwise, she was in pretty good shape. Thank God- no ICU, nothing too, too serious. It could have been a lot worse, especially for a baby her age. She had some ups and downs- they had a hard time weaning her off of the oxygen. All in all, we are more than happy to be home and she is doing really well today.

Here were the major downsides to our stay:
--We missed out on spending a good quality Halloween as a family.
--Our visit with the in-laws was basically ruined. I mean, they still came, but it was nothing like we had imagined.
--It is nearly impossible to get any quality sleep in a hospital room with an 11 week old. Period.
--Hospital food sucks. Bad.
--I was without Internet for 6 days. Kill me now!

Here were the upsides:
--I really felt like I got to spend quality one-on-one time with Little A. She was, for once, the center of attention!
--The hospital had a very cute little Halloween party for the sick kids, and while Little A was unable to go, Sassy was invited and had a lot of fun.
--I got very caught up on every iota of political info before the election- who hoo for around-the-clock news stations.
--I actually- get this- READ. I read four entire books. Cover to cover. What?!? I read The Zygote Chronicles (not so good), Little Earthquakes (I really liked it), The Alchemist (good, but not quite understanding all the hype), and Perfect Match (any Picoult book is great).
--The staff was wonderful. From the triage guy to the ER docs to the peds. nurses and CNA's to the RT team- we had a really great experience.

I will posts some pics from Halloween later. Not that I was there or anything... **bitter**

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Mae said...

So glad she's doing better and is home! I think anything to do with a hospital and such a little baby is scary, but thank heaven it was a mild case. In terms of your being special - you're also famous. Our nurse said something about RSV last night & I told her a friend's baby had just gone home. She said "Oh that must have been the first case! A memo went out to all the departments saying we'd had the first case of the year." Hope things are a little less exciting for a while!