November 5, 2008

Our Little Preschooler...

The day has come... Sassy officially started preschool yesterday! She is attending two mornings a week for about 3 hours. I never really anticipated having her start so soon, but it just kind of fell into place. I got a recommendation about a great preschool in our town, and we really loved it when we went to visit. Sassy will be able to get some solid social time, work on some school concepts, learn to take direction from someone other than Ty and I, etc. Also, Little A and I will have some great one-on-one time, which is really important.

It wasn't an insane transition yesterday, as she is used to attending MDO once a week. Tyler went with me to drop her off, mainly because it was also our voting site, so we just went to vote straight afterwards. Sassy was a little tentative when Tyler took her to the classroom, but I would attribute most of that to the fact that it was Tyler dropping her off. If it would have been me, she would have been, like, "See ya, mom"! and ran off.

She was very excited about the entire experience once we came home. As soon as Daddy came home from work, she told him all about it. How she colored a turtle and made teeth with marshmallows... We are thankful to be able to give her this opportunity and excited to see how she grows with it!

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