November 4, 2008

Halloween, Part IV

So, after all the pre-Halloween festivities, the actual day finally arrived! As you all know, Little A was in the hospital, but we still made the most of our day. Ty brought Sassy up to the hospital at about noon to attend the peds. floor Halloween Party. Any of the non-contagious kids could attend, and they invited Sassy, which was so nice! The kids got to trick-or-treat, hear a story, and decorate sugar cookies. Sassy and Little A spent some time together, and we hung out in the hospital room until Tyler's family arrived.

Oh, and another really nice thing the hospital did for us: One of the child life specialists came in and said that Disney donates new costumes every year for all the sick kids to wear. Well, this year, the floor wasn't too full (luckily), so they had some extras. The girl asked if it would be okay if she gave Sassy a costume to play dress-up in, and I said of course! So, she brings in this giant bag with a Cinderella gown, a Princess Jasmine 2-piece outfit, and a Snow White ensemble complete with shoes, a crown, and a purse. All brand new, all from the Disney store for Sassy to take home! How nice was that?? Even though Little A was the patient, they were so considerate of Sassy while we were there!

After some visiting, they headed back home to do some actual trick-or-treating. The downtown businesses had a big event and all the businesses handed out candy. They had a big bounce-house, too, which Sassy just loves! There was also a "trunk-or-treat" at the downtown park. This is a new concept for me- maybe it's a Kansas thing or maybe I live under a rock- not sure. But, cars basically park in a circle with their trunks facing forward and fill their trunks with candy to hand out. Then, the kids just go from trunk to trunk for candy. Pretty cool.

Sassy hit up a few neighborhood houses on the walk home, and made her rounds in our cul-de-sac. One house had this horrifying scary mechanical monster that made loud noise and removed it's own head. They all thought Sassy would be terrified, but she laughed and said her famous, "Do-it-again"! So much for a fearful reaction from her...

While we would have liked to spend Little A's first Halloween together as a family, it really turned out alright, considering!

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