November 15, 2008

Pajama Time, Potty Training, & More...

What an eventful few days we have had! First, I would just like to say that Sassy is doing AWESOME with her potty training! She is still having accidents here and there, but she has been in big girl panties 100% of the time besides nap and bed all week, and she is almost there. I am so excited for her! She is so proud of herself, and she should be. Go, Sassy!

Yesterday, we had a play date at our house, which was fun for all. We were going to go the children's theater last night, but Ty was running late, and I just didn't have the courage to do that by myself with both girls. It worked out ok, though, because Parents As Teachers had a pajama story time/play date at the school library, and Sassy had a really good time. She made two crafts, played with the story board, listened to Bear Feels Sick and had animal crackers and juice. Each kid took home a free copy of the book, as well!

This morning, Lynzee and I took the girls to Kohls and to McDonald's for lunch... a rare treat. The girls are napping right now, and it's off to a birthday party this afternoon and dinner with Tom & Lynzee. Busy, busy. Enjoy a few pics:
-Sassy listening to Little A's heart with her homemade stethoscope-

-Sassy practicing her "knife skills" on the watermelon-

-Little A and her goofy grin-

-Sassy mid-jump in front of the house this morning-

-Mommy and Little A's self-portrait-

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