October 5, 2009

Monday Mayhem... Not Me Style!

My little family did not enjoy a weekend getaway.

We did not drive to Topeka for a parent leadership conference.

Said conference did not offer free registration, free hotel accommodations, free meals, free childcare, and gas/mileage reimbursement. I did not also get paid for my time through work. Nope.

We did not skip the dinner banquet and provided entertainment Friday night and head to Cedar Crest for a beautiful fall photo-op. Not us!

We most certainly did not choose to hop on over to Gage Park with our free boxed lunches Saturday following the conference. We did not run, jump, slide, swing, and ride the train. No-siree.

We did not decide to head to Lawrence to meet up with Lynzee and the girls instead of heading straight home. Who would do that?

I would never arrive at Lynzee's mom's house and proceed to leave in exactly 3 minutes to attend an impromptu Tupperware party while leaving Tyler there with the kids. I did not order the 3-bowl set that matches the gigantic Tupperware bowl I currently own and ♥. Not me!

Tyler did not sit in the car upon arrival and listen to the Iowa State game on the radio in order to let the girls nap longer in the back seat. Iowa State did not lose the game by 1 point. On a missed.extra.point. Never!

We did not take the kids to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival Sunday. We did not manage to spend nearly $120 by the time we bought tickets, food, rides, games, and souvenirs. It was not super fun and pretty worth it!

We did not decide to stick around and kill some time in order to meet with a dear friend from college later in the evening. Why, with Tyler having to be at work first thing this morning, and a 3-hour ride home... who would do that?

We did not think it would be a good idea to hop on over to Deanna Rose children's Farm to kill some time. Such a thing would never be too much for two little pumpkins on one fall day. Nope.

We did not decide to take one little eensy beensy trip to The Disney Store to burn those last 45 or so minutes. Nor did we spend an equal number of dollars as minutes we shopped in the store. Sassy certainly did not come home with a Halloween costume that she has no intention of wearing on Halloween. No way!

We did not have a wonderful visit with Cory and Jami. We are not super excited for their wedding in November!

We did not arrive home at 11:00 pm. Tyler did not have to be at work bright and early this morning. I did not have to wake up both girls to take Sassy to dance class. No!

Oh, and I did not take 786 pictures this weekend. They are not scarcely uploaded to my computer, let alone sorted through. I will not be breaking my weekend down further in order to blog-share!

What have you not been up to?

2 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...


Sounds like you all did a whole lotta
NOTHING this weekend!

Can't wait to see pics =)

Mama KG said...

Yawn. So, it was a typical boring weekend in the Sweet Pea household, eh? :)