October 27, 2009


I know all about negativism.

I mean, I work for Parents As Teachers. We talk about negativism all the time. It's a completely normal part of child development- a shift from external control to self-control. I get it.

So, why was I so taken aback when my own little 14-month-old decided that now was the time for her "burst of negativism" to surface?

Her favorite work is NO. Mind you, she says, like, six words. But, NO is her favorite.

Oh, and thanks to a certain big sister, it's not just NO. It's Na-na-na-NO or nnnnnnnnnnnNO! With a little lip curl and finger point and everything...

One of her favorite acts of defiance is to chuck her sippy cup off of her high chair tray. At first, I was like... OK. Cause and effect. Cool.

Yeah... no. She does it because she knows she isn't supposed to. Than, she laughs when I get riled up. No, no, Little A. That's naughty. We don't throw cups.

[Laughter ensues...]

So, this morning, we were getting ready for the girls dentist appointments, and Little A had her duck. I sat her up on the couch and tried to snap a few pictures before we left.

All was well until she decided to send her duck in flight across the living room.

Na-na-na-NO, she says to me.

Like I did something wrong. It's a sad, sad day when your 1-year-old can put.you.in.your.place.

But, she's so sweet, you all say...

Mmmmm hmmm. That's what she wants you to think...

2 sweet tweets:

The Hoffman Family-Adam, Laura, Easton & Emerson said...

Yeah it doesn't take long for them to learn. I love the last pic of Little A. She does look sweet.

Priscila said...

ahhhhhh so cute!
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