July 29, 2010

In a Twist, Almost Missed, First Kiss, Wedded Bliss (ECA Day 2)...

Sassy and I enjoyed our first night of rest at the cottage. It was a bid warmer and a bit stickier than the sleeping conditions I am used to, but the giant box fan we found stowed away in the master closet worked wonders!

Early in the day, we ventured over to Hyannis, after desperate searches to find some mega store we were familiar with. What?? No Target? No Walmart? We found ourselves barely able to function. We did, however, find a Kmart in Hyannis. So, to Hyannis we went.

We needed some staples. Somehow, we forgot that when you rent a cottage, you need things like extra toilet paper and paper towels. The bathroom was sans hand towel. The kitchen was sans sponge or dish towel. We needed some things.

Cape Cod was much more woodsy than I expected. I envisioned it to be one big beachy land mass. How ignorant am I?

After Kmart, we went next door for a quick bite at Panera. I could feel Tyler cringe from 1695 miles away. Dinner at Chile's the previous night. Now lunch at Panera... I firmly realize we were wasting our chances at "local" fare. But, sometimes you go with what you know, you know?

After lunch, we quickly came to the realization that our time was very limited until we had to leave for Dawn and Keith's wedding, so the next hour or so was a frantic mess of 3 ladies trying to get ready in one small cottage. I had promised Sassy I would curl her hair for the first time, and I just knew that the heat and humidity combined with the texture of her hair would not lead to positive results. But, a promise is a promise, right?

We were finally ready to go:

We hopped in Ashley's car and headed to Eastham for the ceremony. We headed directly to the windmill where the ceremony was held. We were running very close on time, and when we arrived at the windmill, there were no people...


Have I ever told you that I have really bad luck with getting to weddings?

It took a conversation with a local Jamaican fellow with super cool dreads to realize that we needed to back-track to Orleans and get to this windmill.

By the time we arrived at the right location, we had missed Dawn and Keith's entrance and Ashley and Sassy sat while I stood. Sad face. However, we were able to make it for all the actual ceremony stuff. Happy face! It was a beautiful ceremony, a gorgeous set-up, and the personalized vows were so sweet! I ♥ weddings!

Dawn looked absolutely stunning, and even though it felt like 136 degrees... in the shade... she was glowing! Although I had never met Keith, just hearing what he had to say during vows solidified the fact that I knew I was going to like the kid. Oh, and he's an ATC comrade... what's not to like?

It was just a hop, skip, & jump over to the Orleans Inn, where the indoor/outdoor reception was held. Dawn and Keith did a stellar job with table decorations and everything... the wedding was every bit of beachy elegance I had hoped for in attending a wedding on The Cape.

Sassy was enamored of the fans that were handed out at the ceremony, along with tiny little bottles of water. They really considered every detail!

We enjoyed a beautiful dinner, each of the three of us trying a different menu option. Ash had the chicken picatta, Sassy had the wild mushroom ravioli (which she ATE!!) and I had the stuffed sole. We watched Dawn & Keith dance and cut cake, and mingled and danced ourselves for a while. It was a great time, and the setting was just phenomenal!

Sassy became super-obsessed with hydrangeas on our trip, and the wedding was no break from this trend!

Once the wedding was over, we traveled back to the cottage to get some rest and prepare for our exciting day at the beach the following day...

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Sherry said...

I have wedding envy! What a beautiful event!!